A new heads up on Pandora


PandoraGoogle Glass wearers have until now had a choice of one music application to use when the device is planted firmly on their head – or in other words, no choice at all. That has just changed.

According to an article in online publication engadget, Pandora has been added to Google Glass, which previously was limited to Play Music for users seeking access to that particular lively art.

engadget’s Jon Fingas wrote, “The wearable-ready software lets you control streaming without ever having to reach for your phone; you can create or choose stations solely using your voice, and the touchpad lets you both skip annoying tunes and give the thumbs-up to songs you like.”

Pandora’s app is free, but the low cost ends there, notes Fingas. The Glass itself costs about $1,500 and to get the most of out of the service you’d likely have to invest in some gadget-specific headphones as well.

RBR-TVBR observation: At some point as a society we are going to have to start objecting to the ubiquitous use of mobile devices at all times. Yeah smartphones can be fun, and downright useful, but they are not allowed at our dinner table thank you very much. And if you want to have a conversation with us anywhere, you had better unplug or we will not take you at all seriously.

We are especially annoyed when we are in a retail establishment and somebody gets ahead of us at the register but has difficulty completing the transaction because they’re plugged into something.

This rudeness has got to stop!

And if the rude person is using Pandora to annoy us, it will only make it that much worse in our favorites-playing trade-press minds.