A Massive July 4 Surge For This Radio Lover


It’s far from a secret that The Home Depot is one of the most prolific advertisers on broadcast radio, never mind the audio streams associated with AMs and FMs across the U.S.

That said, the spot count for the home improvement retailer seen in the last week is astounding.

According to the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Radio report, the Home Depot was accountable for a mind-boggling 118,957 spot plays for the week ending July 7.

By comparison, its rival, Lowe’s, was No. 2 — with 55,920 spots.

In truth, that’s hardly shabby for Lowe’s, and represents one of that retailer’s best weeks at spot radio.

Otherwise, GEICO, Sprint, Walmart and Progressive continue to be strong users of radio.