A Hispanic AM In Houston To Embrace ‘Patriot’ Talk


Across the 1980s, it was the market’s home for Tejano music. In the 1990s, it continued to target Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the market with niche formats as part of an effort to attract an audience while new FM competitors were launched.

Now, Hispanic Broadcasting Inc. is making a change that President Matthew Velasquez believes “reflects our core values of family, faith and freedom.”

Introducing Patriot Talk 920, which will arrive on Jan. 1, 2024 at KYST-AM 920 in the Houston market. KYST boasts a 5kw daytime/1kw nighttime signal blanketing the Houston DMA with a city of license of Texas City, Tex.

“We’re excited to bring Houston listeners a better choice in News/Talk radio,” says Velasquez, as KYST prepares to do battle against iHeartMedia stalwart KTRH-AM and sibling KPRC-AM.

It also demonstrates the continued importance of AM radio broadcasting in the conservative spoken word arena, as KYST does not have an FM translator.

Among the hosts who will be heard on KYST are Dan Bongino, as well as Rob Carson, Todd Starnes, Chris Plante, Wendy Bell, Rich Valdes and Guy Benson.

FOX News and FOX Business News updates will also be in the mix at KYST come January 1.

At present, unrated KYST airs a Spanish-language spoken word format. In the 1960s and 1970s, the frequency was home to KTLW, a Country station.