2008 Network Radio Upfront examined


2008 Network Radio Upfront negotiating season takes shape as RBR/SmartMedia is providing an in-depth synopsis and discussion on the marketplace. What types and categories of advertisers are coming to, and leaving, network radio? Many are relying on specific days and dates rather than full rotations.  Areas that are expected to be up and down:


Home Improvement
Retail and tune in categories is up
Entertainment moving some dollars from national to local


OTC and packaged goods
Pharmaceuticals almost out due to:30 not long enough for messaging
Financial category down due to housing

Network & Syndicated programming Hot for ’08?  Which ad networks and syndicated products are likely to be hot for the upfront and why? : The Radar properties are always hot, but Agnes Lukasewych, VP, Account Director Radio Broadcast, MPG notes syndicated personalities/shows that can be integrated on cross-platform vehicles are typically better able to create a stronger brand association which might be viewed as more desirable.