Nielsen Targets May Launch

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Nielsen1Broadcast owners have been asking for over-the-air and e-radio measurement and Nielsen plans to launch a new way to accomplish that in May.

Called Nielsen Digital Audio Ratings, the solution measures over-the-air radio listening, across apps and web players, regardless of ad model and device, meaning smartphones, tablets and computers.

With the service, stations can assess the value of their digital inventory and clarify digital ROI, as well as aligning with broadcast and digital currencies.

Nielsen Digital Audio Ratings is a component of its Total Audience, which provides metrics across linear and digital platforms.

The company is collecting ratings on 2,500 station streams across all 48 PPM markets; initially the company will report the listening of digital streams for AM/FM radio and e-radio stations in the PPM markets.

Measurement for on-demand audio, and curated audio, like Pandora, for example, is in development, Nielsen confirms to RBR+TVBR.

There will be a two-month pre-currency preview period starting in the middle of this month for February data and mid-April for March data. The product would be released in mid-May (with April survey data) for subscribers.

About The Author: Leslie Stimson has been a reporter for 35+ years, starting in radio news. She’s spent the last 20 years reporting for radio trades.

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