GreatLand Connections may be merger offspring

By on Sep, 4 2014 with Comment 1

Cable / SatelliteA new cable company may be coming to a town near you, or even the one where you live. If the merger of Time Warner Cable into Comcast goes through, GreatLand will instantly enter the industry’s top ten list.

In fact, GreatLand Connections will be in the top five, ranked right at #5, according to reports, bringing a suite of services to some 2.5 million subscribers.

The company does not yet have a lease on life, but it does has a potential chief executive in Michael Wilner, who will take on management of the company should all the related deals go through.

The systems GreatLand will operate will be scattered in Midwest and Southeastern portions of the US. According to Ars Technica, it will operate in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The name replaces SpinCo, which was formerly how Comcast and TWC referred to the prospective company.

Comcast will have no stake in GreatLand, but Comcast shareholders will to the tune of 67%, with the remaining stake held by to-be #3 cable company Charte. Cox would be #4.

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  1. “Comcast will have no stake in GreatLand, but Comcast shareholders will to the tune of 67%”

    And what’s really the difference if the shareholders of Comcast hold a majority of GreatLand? Just like radio’s Aloha Trust. CC doesn’t “own” the stations, but they still control them.