A ‘Classy’ Conversion Transpires In Utah

A TBA is converted to a purchase for an FM along the Wasatch Front

NABA OK’s Voluntary Continental Digital Radio Standard

Toronto-based organization codifies its position via a position paper developed by the NABA

A New Portable Digital Audio Interface Arrives

RME has just released through Americas distributor Synthax Inc. the RME Digiface USB

Equipment Rack Enclosure Gets Pre-NAB Treatment

Video Mount Products will unveil the EREN-27E1K during ISC West 2017, held April 5-7 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center

Production Floor Primed For Post-Auction TV Repack

A pioneer in purpose-engineered antennas and RF systems for TV and radio broadcasters has reorganized its production floor strategy

Here Come The Updated ProMAX Panels

The ProMAX v2 boasts a wide range of users and settings, including recording and performance applications in the studio

Macy’s Makes A Big Push

In last week’s Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report, the Chevrolet Dealer Association leapt from No. 49 to No. 1

GEICO and Progressive Lead The Pack

In last week’s Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report, GEICO held steady at No. 1

Lowe’s Is Back In The Running

In last week’s Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten report, GEICO remained at No. 1

Seeking Super Stereo Mixes?

NUGEN Audio has some new downmixing technology that may be of keen interest.

‘Something’s In The Air’

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At-Work Women: What Do They Listen To?

While some 74% of women who work full-time listen to music while they work, just 40% listen to
Valle Jose

Radio Industry Leaders Go Unscripted

José Valle, former president of Univision Radio and NAB Radio Board chair, will facilitate a frank conversation about our industry

Family Parts Ways With Minnesota Noncomm

The new owner is a North Dakota-based nonprofit that operates “Catholic Radio for the Upper Midwest”
Mobile Apps

Has Data Dominance Shifted Your Streams?

According to just-released data from eMarketer, there will be just 17.9 million desktop/laptop-only internet users in the U.S. in 2017

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