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The Broadcast Industry is Faced with Deep Challenges.
You are under attack by new media, that wants to reposition you as old and irrelevant. Advertisers are being seduced by new shiny objects and shifting to digital. Regulations and Wall Street are continually evolving. You’re faced with daily challenges and daily decisions, which require intelligence to strengthen your operation.Decisions are more easily made when you have all the data points and missing those data points could change your fast paced business overnight.

Radio + Television Business Report has been a source of vital business intelligence for the broadcast management community for more than three decades, and is dedicated to continuing for many decades to come. But we too cannot rest on our past. In RBR+TVBR’s Daily Newsletter you won’t find industry news stories regurgitated. Though we offer news as well, the depth of RBR+TVBR begins when you become a premium subscriber to find RBR+TVBR insights on those stories, expert analysis on topics of concern to members of the C-suite, and to those who are looking to earn a place there, plus special reports and data you’ll not find elsewhere. Our primary focus is on the business side of our industry, with special focus on following the money and the regulations.

Consider It Your Mission Critical Daily Briefing Much like the Commander in Chief recieves a daily briefing covering the state of the country, RBR+TVBR is like a daily briefing for those running broadcast operations. Not just news but the analysis behind it. Arriving in your email each afternoon by 5pm Eastern and available on online or your mobile device any time.

In short, RBR+TVBR is your business intelligence brief, delivered fresh every day with the news and information you need to manage and grow your business.

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RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup is published every Tuesday and reports on technology and equipment that is here today and coming down the road. The weekly update covers a full range of tech-related topics of interest to media management as well as their legal and financial counterparts. Which next-gen television and radio standards are being updated? As an owner or manager, do you know if you have up-to-date studio and transmission equipment, or when each piece should be replaced to keep your station on the air and operating most efficiently and within regulatory guidelines?

With your paid membership, you will not only receive news, information and analysis every day, but you will also receive (at no extra charge) your own electronic copy of ALL of our print editions. If we print it, you get it!! Plus special reports commissioned to give you rare and exclusive insights.

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