SBS: How GRC Elevated Poaching

By on Feb, 15 2016 with Comments 0

VanSpanish Broadcasting System is suing Grupo Radio Centro, accusing the company of systemically poaching not only its air talent, but several executives over the past 12 months.

In a case filed in U.S. District Court in Central California, SBS alleges Radio Grupo intentionally raided a morning show DJ and the entire morning show team, plus several higher-level executives for their knowledge of the company’s plans — all after SBS blanketed the Los Angeles market with a $1 million-plus marketing campaign.

The case gets to the heart of what information the former SBS employees supposedly shared with their new employer as RBR+TVBR learns from examining the complaint.

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About The Author: Leslie Stimson has been a reporter for 35+ years, starting in radio news. She’s spent the last 20 years reporting for radio trades.

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