Ajit Pai

Why Is Ajit Pai’s So Defensive?

Pai will represent the FCC in interagency matters pertaining to public safety, homeland security, and defense and related matters

Tom Wheeler’s STB Plan Officially Dead

NAB says, "We're pleased that this proposal is being shelved." NCTA, ACA offer no immediate comment to RBR + TVBR

FCC OKs Public Inspection File Changes

Commissioner O’Rielly’s "diligent work to identify unnecessary paperwork burdens" singled out
David Honig

MMTC To FCC: Give Class C4 An NPRM

MMTC President Emeritus/Senior Advisor David Honig said the proposal allows nearly 800 Class A stations to double their power

SBAs To FCC: OK Internet-based Recruiting

A coalition of nearly every state broadcasters association in the U.S. filed joint comments with the FCC

FCC Takes Next Step To Conclude Spectrum Auction

The FCC is doubling the increment percentage used to set new clock prices for all spectrum in each round

Post-Incentive Auction Transition Plan Set

Methodology set to firm up construction deadlines for stations shifting to new homes following the incentive auction

O’Rielly To Keynote Hispanic Radio Conference

The Republican FCC Commissioner will discuss a wide range of topics involving the new FCC

Should The FCC Review ‘Harms’ Of Cable Bundles?

The ACA and a group of indie programmers have urged the FCC to "address the harms associated with channel bundling"

NTIA Reauthorization Hearing Set For Next Week

House members "take a holistic look at the NTIA with an eye toward updating the NTIA Organization Act for the 21st Century."

Is Brandt Hershman The Next FCC Commissioner?

A little-known state legislator from the Midwest with close ties to the new VP could be the third GOP member of the Commission

Here’s How To Prepare For FCC Auction’s Next Step

Get ready for a mock auction, the FCC says
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB: Auction Repack Progress Form ‘A Good Start’

NAB wants no suggestions that broadcasters would need backup facilities that fail to maintain coverage for an indefinite period

Who’s Joining Pai At MMTC Event?

Mignon Clyburn and Michael O'Rielly are set to appear, as are three former FCC Chairmen -- none of whom are Tom Wheeler

Pai Pressed To Kill Wheeler’s STB Plan

19 House Republicans want the Tom Wheeler-drafted set-top box proposal killed once and for all

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