What Does Entercom’s Sacramento Settlement Agreement Say?

Sue Wilson, founder of the non-profit advocacy group Media Action Center, shared with RBR + TVBR details of a settlement with Entercom that awaits final approval from a FCC Administrative Law Judge in Washington. Meanwhile, there's word Ed Stolz is seeking to "un-renew" the licenses for Entercom's remaining Sacramento stations -- even after it make the unprecedented move of surrendering the license for now-defunct KDND-FM.
Ajit Pai

Why Did Pai Have A Trump Talk?

According to a widely distributed Tweet from Morning Consult technology reporter Amir Nasr, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had a 3pm meeting Monday (3/6) with President Trump. What was part of the discussion could have been the pending end of "net neutrality."
Erwin Krasnow

The Schizophrenic Politics of the First Amendment

Does the First Amendment care who won the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016? Erwin G. Krasnow, the co-chair of the Communications Group of Washington, D.C. law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, tackles this question in a column that delves into fairness, and the First Amendment, and where broadcasters are under a Trump presidency.

Durango Gets Its Denver TV

With the support of "hundreds" of residents, La Plata County got its wish, as four Denver-market stations can now modify the local satellite carriage TV markets they serve and add this far-southwest slice of Colorado to its coverage area. The FCC made the move despite objections from Hubbard and Hearst.

‘E-Pif’ Omissions Could Result In Forfeiture

A full-power UHF station serving Sin City has been handed a possible $7,000 by the FCC for apparent sins tied to its electronic public file, the "e-pif."

Can Consolidation Happen For TV With Trump?

Here's what one top D.C. attorney thinks

Channel Sharing Pacts, Outside Auction?

A R&O allowing it is on the FCC's Open Meeting agenda; Raycom head talks up ATSC 3.0 at Thursday Senate hearing on NAB's behalf
Erwin Krasnow

The Road Map For Potential Foreign Investors

This column from two noted D.C. attorneys provides a road map for taking advantage of the current regulatory climate

Media ‘Integrity,’ ‘Independence’ Up To Congress

Senator believes Congress "can — and should — do to help protect the integrity and independence of the media"
Australia Flag

G’day, Listeners: Aussies Can Own AMs, FMs

Australian citizens living in Alaska for more than a decade can now hold 100% ownership of 29 AM or FM radio stations

ACA OK With Bevy Of ATSC 3.0 NPRM Queries

The proposed transition also raises many questions and concerns for ACA members, Matthew Polka asserts

FCC OK’s NPRM For Voluntary ATSC 3.0 Use

Comments on an NPRM alowing permissive use of the "Next Generation" broadcast TV standard, ATSC 3.0, is a go

FCC Unanimously OK’s Eased Translator Siting

The siting rule for an FM fill-in translator rebroadcasting an AM broadcast station has been relaxed by the Commission

Do You Understand Your Channel-Sharing Deals?

Jessica Rosenthal, a longtime partner in the Corporate and Mass Media practice of Wiley Rein LLP, has plenty of tips and reminders

Why, And How, The FCC Can Extend EEO Reforms

MMTC says it's time for the FCC to break the walls between media, wireline and wireless when it comes to EEO enforcement

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