Heftel Comes Back To Radio, Via A ‘Highway’

For a generation of broadcasters, the late Cecil Heftel helped bring Top 40 radio some of its earliest success. Later, he helped build some of the nation's top Spanish-language AMs and FMs, including properties in L.A. overseen by his son, Richard Heftel. Now, the Heftel family is coming back to the radio business. We spoke with Heftel on his re-entry into radio, and how a huge bedding retailer is to thank for his rescue of a group of stations long associated with Howard Anderson.

A Central N.Y. Fox Spins An AM

Craig L. Fox, who owns radio stations in Central New York through various companies, has had a rocky relationship with the FCC. Fox’s run as an owner has been bumpy, and last year via consent decree forked over thousands of dollars to the FCC for attempting to skirt market ownership sub-caps. The latest news from the Commission regarding Mr. Fox, however, focuses on a transaction: Fox’s Cram Communications is selling the Syracuse market’s home of FOX Sports Radio.

Is Modern Media’s First Move A Cumulus Reboot?

Lewis W. Dickey Jr. is perhaps one of the most polarizing individuals in the broadcast radio business. Yet, the co-founder of the second-largest radio company by number of stations, Cumulus Media, has officially been out of the industry since March 23. Is Dickey plotting a return to AM and FM station ownership? Speculation is running high among media brokers and high-placed industry observers who spoke with RBR+TVBR that Dickey's newest entity, Modern Media Acquisition Corp., was designed expressly for a methodical merger.

MMTC Commends FCC On Proposed End Of Main Studio Rule

As of midday Thursday, the FCC is now open to input on the proposed elimination of its Main Studio Rule. On Friday, the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) wasted no time in commending the FCC’s action.

Now On Public Notice: A Review Of The FCC’s Media Rules

Don't like some of those "unnecessary or burdensome" FCC rules? You're in luck. The Commission today issued a Public Notice that begins a review of its rules applicable to media entities, including broadcasters, cable operators, and satellite television providers.

‘Internet Freedom’ Moves Closer With FCC’s NPRM OK

"Net neutrality" is one step closer to being erased from the FCC's rule books. In a widely expected partisan move that occurred on a day when many social media users use a "throwback Thursday" hashtag (#tbt), the FCC voted to press ahead on turning back the clock on regulations that require Internet service providers to give access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoritism to particular websites or portals.
Roger Ailes

Former Fox News Chairman/CEO Roger Ailes Dies

One of the founders of the FOX News Channel, Ailes passed away this morning. "He was a patriot," his wife stated in a statement provided to Drudge Report. Ailes exited Fox on July 21, 2016, after sexual harassment accusations from Gretchen Carlson and others put a dark cloud on his 20 years building the network.

Midwest TV Inks New Nielsen Deal

The owner of an AM/FM combo and the CBS affiliate in America's Finest City has renewed its agreement with the audience measurement estimates provider.
Wall Street

Who Gained On A Tough Day On Wall Street?

It was a brutal day for investors as Trump Administration worries spread their way to U.S. financial markets. Yet, two media companies saw improvements as the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 372.82 points, to 20,606.93, and the Nasdaq Composite slid 158.63, to 6,011.24.

How TV, Radio Can Get In The Digital Driver’s Seat

Local media’s digital efforts have evolved into a competitive $12 billion industry, representing an 18% share of all locally spent digital advertising. That's a key insight point from Borrell Associates, which has released its 2017 update on its "Benchmarking Local Media's Digital Revenues" report. What else does Borrell say about radio and TV, and their strength in capturing digital dollars? Read this to see if your stations have something to learn in your fight for right-sized local campaigns.

Local Media’s Digital Revenue: A Dollar-by-Dollar Look

As of today, local businesses are investing more of their marketing dollars in digital media than in community-based print and traditional broadcast media. That's not to say broadcast TV, cable TV and AM and FM radio aren't benefiting from this shift. The 2017 update to the annual Borrell Associates report "Benchmarking Local Media's Digital Revenues" explores how important a role traditional media has played in driving the digital train. How did big radio and TV companies fare?

Facebook’s Bug Problem: ‘Fake News’ Or Broadcast Media Booster?

Better and more transparent audience measurement is a demand advertisers are delivering to Facebook, which has a bug in its system. According to The Wall Street Journal, some clients are getting refunds after this bug led the social media giant to overstate clicks on marketers' websites when accessed via a mobile device. Facebook says it's a minor glitch. What do radio and TV executives have to say, and will they use the bug as part of their own "repellent plan"?

Emergency? Americans Tune To Broadcast Media

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, the radio and TV are the media most Americans seek for the latest information and details. In fact, U.S. adults turn to broadcast TV and radio above all other media by a factor of nearly four to one, new online research shared by the NAB finds.
Perry Sook

Why Are Nexstar Shares Stumbling?

What's going on at Nexstar? On March 1, its shares were at $73.15. Today, they're under $57. Are investors concerned that the company's merger with Media General isn't enough, and that it needs another huge deal to keep up with Sinclair?

Why ‘Searchable TV’ May Be In Your Company’s Future

Of the thousands of individuals at the recent 2017 NAB Show, an innovator and pioneer in decision studies from Philadelphia may be one of the key people TV industry decision-makers may wish to know. He's also happens to be Villanova University's Assistant Men's LaCrosse Coach and a member of the Forbes Technology Council. What's his story? His company, iQ Media, can offer a TV station “real-time access to both paid and earned media.”

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