Univision Communications, Inc.

Political Dollars Power Univision

But there's weakness for Univision Radio as CEO Randy Falco reveals its take in the FCC Spectrum Auction

How Local Loyalty Has Crafted A NoVa Winner

Centennial Broadcasting excels with a locally focused group of stations on the fringe of the National Capital Region

Guel Wins Entry Into Wichita Falls

A Class A serving this market northwest of Dallas is being sold in a deal that includes a transmitter site lease
SBS / Spanish Broadcasting System

Hump Day Dip For Radio Stocks

The Wall Street yo-yo that is Spanish Broadcasting System stock slumped after a recent recovery, leading sector decliners

‘Phenomenal Year’ For CBS Overshadowed By Q4 Finish

Adjusted net earnings increased 9%, as CBS Radio became a 'discontinued operation'

Cincinnati Reacts To WNKU, WNKE Station Sales

A grass-roots effort to keep WNKU's unique programming on the air in the Cincinnati region is already underway

‘Keep Forward Momentum’ As FCC Auction Ends

While the $19.63B bidding total might not be eye-popping, a K Street think tank calls the spectrum auction a success
Saga Communications, Inc.

Valentine’s Day Sag For Saga

Some investors may be simply making a profit off a stock that’s at its highest trading levels in three years
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB Adds Two Gov’t Relations VPs

Both report to Curtis LeGeyt, who serves as the NAB's EVP/Government Relations
Mark Fratrik

Mark Fratrik: ATSC 3.0 Means More Dollars For TV

The transition to the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard could result in big money for large- and medium-market TV stations, come 2020

GatesAir Liquid-Cooled Transmissions Set At WHPT

A second Cox Media Group FM serving Tampa-St. Petersburg adds the Flexiva FLX transmitter

FCC Media Bureau Sets A New Chief Engineer

A longtime engineer who holds a Juris Doctor from Georgetown is now Chief Engineer of the FCC's Media Bureau

WBU Technical Committee Sets Management Team

The Toronto-based World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) has a new elected management team for the two-year 2017-2018 term

Retrans Fees Tool Released For TV Owner Groups

Decentrix is now offering CloudMBI RetransFx, billed as a comprehensive set of interactive analytical tools for broadcasters

Here Are Thunderbolt 3 Adapters For Mac, Windows

'Cost-effective solutions for adding lightning-fast 10GbE network connectivity to any Mac or Windows computer' arrive from Sonnet

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