NAB pushes back against White House call for PRA


The Obama administration issued a wide-ranging white paper on its international intellectual property enforcement strategy, largely concerned with things like combating economic espionage and drug counterfeiting. It also contained a plank recommending establishment of a radio performance royalty. The NAB immediately said it’s heard it all before and attacked the proposal.

The White House proposal: “Create a right of public performance for copyright owners for sound recordings transmitted by over-the-air broadcast stations which, in part, will allow copyright owners to obtain overseas royalties that are now denied to them.”

The full report can be read in pdf in the attachment box on the right.

NAB’s Dennis Wharton responded, “This is hardly a new policy position from the White House. NAB remains unalterably opposed to legislation creating an onerous, jobs-killing fee on America’s hometown radio stations without offsetting provisions and benefits that recognize the unparalleled promotional value of radio airplay. NAB offered a legislative package to resolve this issue last year, which was summarily rejected by the musicFirst Coaltion. Our offer still stands.”

RBR-TVBR observation: At the moment, this particular suggestion, which really is a very small and ill-argued part of the overall White House proposal, is a recommendation in search of a bill. We are unaware of any attempt to bring PRA back to life in the 112th Congress. Will this jump start a reanimation project? Stay tuned.