Commissioners Weigh in on NFL Blackout Policy


Mignon ClyburnThe FCC withdrew its support of sports blackouts last fall, and after living through a blackout-free 2014 season, the NFL announced that it would voluntarily do without blackouts in 2015.

Two FCC Commissioners took advantage of the opportunity to discuss the matter, one from each party. And unlike the recent vote on net neutrality, the pair was in total agreement.

Mignon Clyburn
Yesterday, the National Football League voted to suspend its broadcast television blackout rules for the 2015 football season. The FCC’s decision last September to eliminate its own rules supporting sports blackouts laid the foundation for this pro-consumer action. I am hopeful that Monday’s announcement is a sign that the League will ultimately make this suspension permanent so that fans across the country will have even more reason to celebrate

Ajit PaiAjit Pai
I applaud the National Football League for suspending its television blackout policy for the 2015 season. This is a big win for sports fans across the country, from Buffalo to San Diego. When the FCC voted to eliminate our sports blackout rule last September, I called on the NFL to revisit its blackout policy and adopt a more fan-friendly approach. Today’s announcement by the NFL is a big step in the right direction.