Are AI-Powered Commercials a Possible Future Broadcaster Benefit?


Within the last week, Geoffrey Hinton departed Google over his outrage that Artificial Intelligence was being rapidly integrated into various new technology use cases, without the proper QC considerations.

At the same time, the NAB points out, the first AI-generated television commercials were released. While the creative was imperfect, it could bring benefits to linear and digital video media in the years to come.

Freelance writer Adrian Pennington, writing for NAB Amplify, shared that GPT4 was used for a script for an AI-generated commercial for “Pepperoni Hug Shop.” Midjourney was used for the imagery; Runway Gen2 was used for the video.

As Pennington sees it, two of the AI-created spots are “proof of what’s possible, with occasionally hilarious results” — but the third has more profound implications.

“‘Synthetic Summer’ is a machine-learning interpretation of an American beer advert,” said Chris Boyle, co-founder of London-based Private Island, which generated a video ad from text prompts. “We’ve been using Stable Diffusion, Control Net and Runway to understand new forms of moving and generative image for the last 12 months — exploring new ways of working and new mediums of visuals powered by Machine Learning,” Boyle told Roland Ellison at Interesting Engineering.

Then came the “Pepperoni Hug Shop” ad made by a video creator dubbed “PizzaLater.” It was done for fun. While the results show it was created in jest, Adthos has developed technology that is designed to allow AI to create audio commercials — technology RBR+TVBR will offer more details on in its upcoming Summer 2023 Special Report, distributed electronically on June 12.

The Republican National Committee is already using AI. A “Beat Biden” ad using artificial intelligence to create it showed up on YouTube last week, Pennington notes. While the content and quality of the ad could be debated, the fact that it was the first AI-generated political ad got many to notice.

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