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Erwin Krasnow

Noted D.C. Attorney Erwin Krasnow Retires

One of the nation's foremost communications law attorneys, a fixture in Washington, D.C., since joining Kirkland & Ellis in March 1964 as an associate, has formally announced his retirement.
Erwin Krasnow

Seven Questions with Erwin Krasnow

Current company: Garvey Schubert Barer Position: Partner and Co-Chair, Communications Group Location: Washington, DC Born: Brooklyn, NY Bred: Fall River, MA (“City of Hills, Mills and Unpaid Bills”) Personal...

Erwin Krasnow to receive Quaal Award

Washington-based communications attorney Erwin G. Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer will be receiving the 2011 Ward L. Quaal Pioneer Award at the NAB convention...

Cavell, Krasnow leading AM tower session at NAB

The NAB Radio Show will include a session discussing the technical and legal regulations broadcasters need to know when renting out AM tower space....
Erwin Krasnow

Tips on Selecting and Working with a Media Broker

Many people in the market to sell or buy a broadcast station make use of the expert services of a media broker. Their special knowledge can be extremely beneficial to the client who contracts for their services. Now-retired communications transaction expert Erwin Krasnow takes an in-depth look at just what a contract with a broker should contain in this encore Media Information Bureau column.

Could A Wahl Withdrawal Keep His Pennsylvania FM in the Family?

EXCLUSIVE: A radio personality and station owner in Southwestern Pennsylvania known locally as “The Commander” was to be sentenced today on felony rape charges. That didn't happen, because the man late last week filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. Why? He's still willing to plead guilty, but without one key charge.

As Expected, FCC Kills FM’s Sale To Sister of Now-Felon Licensee

One week ago, RBR+TVBR learned that a Keystone State radio station owner was ready to plead guilty to felony rape charges. That transpired July 8, putting the transfer of his Class A FM to his adult daughter, made June 1, in question. The FCC had approved the deal, which awaited closing, ahead of the conviction. On Monday, the Commission changed its mind.

With Felony Rape Pleading Expected, FM Owner Shifts License To Daughter

The attorney representing the woman that's at the center of the investigation tells RBR+TVBR the licensee of a radio station in Pennsylvania will plead guilty to a felony on Wednesday. What does this mean for the FM? It could negate the licensee's attempt to transfer the station to his daughter for a token cost of $10.
Pile of Money

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Truly Irritate Your Lender

In March 2016, John R. Brooks and Erwin Krasnow penned a Media Information Bureau column that deviated from their common topic of how to find a lender, or ways to work with your lender in tough times. How should a broadcast media owner act if the lender-borrower relationship has failed? Examples of what not to do can be found here, in this encore presentation.

FCC Deletes Entertainment Media Trust’s St. Louis AMs

In what Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) President Emeritus and Senior Advisor David Honig calls "a big victory today for the public interest," the FCC's Audio Division Chief has moved forward with the expected deletion from existence of four AM radio stations serving the St. Louis market. There's a specific reason why Honig is pleased with the decision.

Four St. Louis AMs One Step Closer To FCC’s Grim Reaper

An Order of Dismissal of the license renewals, Chapter 7 asset liquidation plan and Construction Permit application for a new FM translator in Highland, Ill., has been issued by the Commission's Administrative Law Judge. The decision essentially supplies the nails for the coffin the Commission has constructed for all of the assets of Entertainment Media Trust in St. Louis.

Media Tech Firm Tieline Brings In A Broker For Top Sales Post

Many RBR+TVBR readers know Doug Ferber for his role as a media broker, heading Dallas-based DEFcom Advisors, and for his editorial work alongside now-retired Foster Garvey attorney Erwin Krasnow. Now, radio industry engineers and C-Suiters charged with approving expenses will get to know Ferber for his new role at Tieline.
The White House

The 2020 Election and the FCC: An Insider’s Guide

The 2020 election is expected to attract more than $8 billion in media spending. The FCC will be the forum for resolving complaints engendered by hyper-partisan campaigning. FCC enforcement decisions will be shaped by Bobby Baker, the head of the Media Bureau’s Political Programming Office. In this exclusive report, Baker shares how his office processes candidate complaints and enforces the FCC’s rules.

A Radio ‘Commander’ Embroiled In A ‘Rape Solicitation’ Plan

Roger Wahl is the 100% owner of a Class A FM in a small Western Pennsylvania town. Wahl, a.k.a. "The Commander," became a town celebrity by offering local news headlines and school lunch menus to listeners. Now, Wahl is in big trouble, and it could impact his ownership of WQZS-FM.

Are EAS Codes In Fictional Programs A First Amendment Right?

The FCC on Monday released a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to CBS for its use of a "modified version" of actual EAS codes and Attention Signal in an April 2018 episode of "Young Sheldon." CBS argues the use is protected by the First Amendment. Top D.C. lawyers have something to say about that.

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