Tributes pour in for Bill Burton

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BillBurtonThe man who sold the entire of business of radio to the world is being fondly remembered by the entire industry. And one member of the RBR-TVBR family had a special relationship.

Deborah Parenti, EVP/Radio at Streamline Publications and the top exec at RBR-TVBR, had a business relationship with the man who was perhaps the most fabulous exec in the history of radio. Parenti’s history with Burton goes back more than four decades.

Parenti said, “Not everyone can sell like Bill Burton – the tiger jacket, the marching bands, the magic tricks. Bill used to tell me, the basics don’t change, it’s how you use them. You have to stamp them with your own style. It’s enthusiasm, however displayed, that makes the difference. Or as Bill was fond of saying, ‘Enthusiasm is the highest paid quality of earth. To be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastic.’ And no one was more enthusiastic about radio, radio sales people and the future of the industry than Bill Burton. He was a wonderful leader, mentor and friend.”

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  1. Lindsay Wood Davis Says:

    RIP, Bill…Let’s always remember that beyond the charm, enthusiasm and passion of Bill Burton, stood a man of very real intelligence and accomplishment. He didn’t just “Believe,” he followed through. He truly lived those words, “Be Fabulous!”

  2. We have lost a great contributor and highly motivational radio SALES guru ! We ALL learned something from Bill Burton. I am proud to have been one of his station “guys”….RIP, Mr “Fabulous”…..Dex….