Translator energized by NRG in Lincoln

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NRGThe days of rebroadcasting the News-Talk programming of KLIN-AM are over for a 250 W translator in the Lincoln NE market. The 94.5 MHz facility is making its own way down a Contemporary trail.

According to the Lincoln Star Journal, the station will be called RED 94-5, but its friends at the FCC know it better as K233AN. For those unfamiliar with translator call letter protocols, the 233 refers to its FM channel number, the alternative to citing its MHz dial position.

The station’s first act to establish itself as a CHR force in the Lincoln market is to fire off 10,000 songs in a row commercial free.

The signal, with 250 W off a 171 foot stick, isn’t going to blow anybody away, but it still has enough moxie to throw a primary signal almost all of the yellow territory on the coverage map we looked at.

In addition to the translator and its former AM partner, NRG operates three full-power FMs in the market.

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