Toyota Tops the List

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Media-Monitors1by Dwight Douglas, Media Monitors

In the Media Monitors TV Spot Ten last week, the Toyota Dealer Association leapt from #12 to #1 with 16,941 ads. The Chevrolet Dealer Association soared from #84 to #2 airing 16,527 spots, while MetroPCS slid from #1 to #3 running 16,228 spots. McDonald’s was in at #4 with 15,687 spots and GEICO slipped from #2 to #5 with 14,732 spots. Progressive was solid at #6 with 12,760 spots, while the Ford Dealer Association ascended to #7, from #41, airing 12,749 spots. Nissan Dealer Association was #8 with 12,602 spots and Macy’s jumped up from #19 to #9 running 11,701 spots. The US Department of Health & Human Services was in #10 with 11,583 announcements.






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