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Clark-SmidtHere we go with more interesting results, more 4 book diary markets and the early release of some Spring / Fall editions.  Moving deeper into the Top 100, the rubber meets the road with real radio, local connection and competitive service:

63.  Dayton, OH.  12+ population 828,300. Two large public companies and one big, new one have the numbers.  Top 5 Shares 12+:  Cox Media on top with Country WHKO, Fall 11.2-Winter 11.3 and Spring ’14 12.3 and News/Talk WHIO A/F 8.9-5.4-7.4.   Clear Channel (CCU) Hot A/C WMMX 6.7-7.0-6.8 then, a pair from Alpha Media in 4th & 5th with Urban A/C WROU 5.0-5.9-6.2 and RymCHR WDHT 8.6-6.5-5.6.  Observations:  The CCU cluster also includes Rock WTUE 5.8-6.1-5.5, CHR WCHD 5.0-5.7-5.4 and two ModRock stations WOLT 2.9-3.3-2.2 and WXEG 2.2-3.1-1.8.  Alpha has the markets lone Adult Hits WZLR 3.9-4.9-3.7, with ModA/C WCLI/F 1.5 and Sports WING 1.1.  7 other commercial stations are also in Dayton.  Marker Cluster Shares:  CCU 23.3, Cox 21.4, Alpha 18.1.

69.  Grand Rapids, MI.  721,200.  CCU Country WBCT is #1 with 9.3-9.2-8.6, 12+.  Townsquare ranks 2nd & 4th with Rock WGRD 6.2-6.2-6.9 and Hot A/C WLHT 4.0,4.5-5.6.  CCU CHR WSNX/F #3 5.0-6.2-5.9 and Cumulus rounds of the Top 5 with Classic Rock WLAV/F 5.1-6.3-5.1.  Observations:  CCU WOOD A/F is News/Talk 6.2-6.2-4.6 while Midwest Communications, CMLS and Lancer have small Talkers under 1.0.  CCU registers with Soft A/C WSRW 5.9-4.5-4.0 and Classic Rock WBFX  2.7-2.6-2.6 .  Meanwhile, Townsquare has Classic Hits WFGR 2.7-2.8-3.5 and the market’s 2nd Soft A/C WTRV 4.1-2.1-2.3.  CMLS has the runner-up Country WTNR 3.7-3.5-3.3.  11 additional commercial stations are non-subscribers.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 27.5, Townsquare 18.3, CMLS 15.1.

70.  Allentown, PA.  714,800.  CCU is #1 Shares with CHR WAEB 9.7-10.1-11.0.  Next is CMLS Country WCTO 12.2, 10.6, 9.7, Connoisseur Media’s Classic Hits WODE 9.1-10.2-9.2, CMLS is 4th with A/C WLEV 6.4-7.4-6.2 and CCU 5 & 6 Rock for WZZO 5.2-4.8-5.0 and News/Talk WAEB 4.9-5.5-4.8.  Observations:   Connoisseur picks up another 3.0 shares with Rock WWYY and Sports WEEX/WTKZ.  8 other commercial stations are in the market.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 20.8, CMLS 15.9, Connoisseur 12.2.    

71.  Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA.  700,500.  Entercom #1 CHR WKRZ/WKRF 9.9-9.5-11.0 and ETM Country WGGY/WGI 9.3-8.8-8.8 ties for 2nd with CMLS Soft A/C WMGS 9.0-8.2-8.8.  Shamrock Communications Classic Rock is 3rd WEZX/WPZX 5.8-4.6-6.7 and ETM News/Talk WILK QuadCast 5.5-6.8-5.9.  Observations:  CMLS cluster includes CHR WBHT/WBHD5.4-4.1-4.4, ModRock WBHT 3 signals 5.0-3.1-4.2 and 2nd place Country WSJR 1.4-1.8-2.0.  2 of the 4 Bold Gold stations register Classic Hits WWRR 2.1-23.1-2.3 and Talk WTRW .6.  Shamrock shows with Mod Rock WFUZ 3.1-2.1-1.7, Sports WEJL 1.3 vs ETM Sports WHBS at .7.  5 of the market’s Top 6 stations broadcast multiple signals. and 4 stations DNS – don’t show.   Cluster Shares:  ETM 25.7, CMLS 20.0, Shamrock 9.7.

81.  Baton Rouge, LA.  589,600.   CMLS is #1 & #2 Urban A/C KQXL 14.5-13.2-13.2 and UrbanContemp. 8.2-8.8-8.6. Guarantee Broadcasting‘s 4 station cluster has Classic Rock WDGL at #3, 7.9-7.0-8.6 followed by CCU CHR WFME 6.3-6.4-7.1 and A/C KRVE 3.7-3.2-5.2.  Observations:  Guarantee wins a tight Country fight – WTGE 3.6-4.6-4.8 edging CCU WYNK 4.8-5.0-4.5.  CMLS Gospel WXOK 4.3-3.8-3.8 and their Classic Hits WRQQ 2.5-3.0-2.3.  CCU News/Talk WJBO is 3.4-3.8-3.0.  Just 5 commercial stations are below the line including CMLS AM Jazz WIBR.  Cluster Shares:  CMLS 27.9, CCU 19.8, Guarantee Broadcasting 17.6.

87. Syracuse, NY.  567,800  The published story is CCU, CMLS and Wolf Radio.  CCU has 4 of the Top 5:  #1 Country WBBS 9.2-12.4-13.3, CMLS is 2nd with CHR WNTQ 8.4-7.1-7.8 then CCU CHR WWHT 6.5-7.3-7.5, CCU News/Talk WYSR A/F 6.6-6.3-6.9 is 4th and 5th finds A/C WYYY 5.3-5.8-5.2.  Observations:  CCU also includes Urban A/C WHEN 4.5-3.1-2.7.  CMLS fills their cluster with Rock WAQX 2.9-3.4-3, Classic Rock WXTL 2.1-2.1-2.4 and Sports WSKO at .6.  Wolf Radio has the #2 Country by coincidence WOLF 3.2-2.6-2.9 and RymCHR WMVN .9.  There are 16 commercial non-subscribers including Galaxy Communication’s 7 station cluster, 5 from Leatherstocking and 3 more from Wolf.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 35.6, CMLS 14.6, Wolf 4.0.

Thoughts welcome on including a total share number for all stations, all markets.  Now, checking some early release New England 2 Book “home field” markets, 12+ Shares Spring ’13-Fall ’14-Spring ’14:

90.  Portland, ME.  541,400.  Binnie Media takes the checkered flag with Classic Hits WFNK 7.8-6.3-8.6 also riding 4th with Country WTHT 5.9-5.4-6.3.  The remaining Top 6 Shares belong to Townsquare CHR WJBQ 9.1-7.2-7.3, Classic Rock WBLM 7.2-6.9-6.7, 5th place A/C WHOM 5.9-5.9-4.1 and Alternative WCYY 3.7-3.8-3.3.  Notes:  The J.J. Jeffrey owned Atlantic Coast sports WJJB/F, WPEI/F, WREDAA combines for 3.6.  Binnie Media adds 1.9 with Rock WHXR/F and Oldies WLAM/A.  17 stations, including 7 owned by Saga are not quantified.  Cluster Shares:  Townsquare 21.4, Binnie Media 16.8.

123.  Portsmouth, NH.  418,800.  Basically, Townsquare and Clear Channel.  Townsquare Country WOKQ is #1 9.1-8.6-14.3 and Classic Hits WSHK 3rd 4.3-3.2-4.8.  CCU holds Active Rock WHEB 7.4-4.8-6.7, CHR WERZ 4.7-4.4-2.7, News/Talk WQSO/F 2.3-1.7-2.3 and Adult Hits WSKX 1.6-1.3-1.7, tied with Aruba Capital Variety Hits WXEX 1.0-1.3-1.7.

Notes:  Small unique, beautiful market between Boston and Portland, ME. without a local commercial TV station.  Total Shares:  Townsquare 19.1, CCU 13.8.

143.  Burlington, VT.  326,300.  This is Hall Communications Country, owning the Top 5 with Country WOKO way ahead 16.9-13.4-18.8.  Following are co-owned Classic Rock WIZN 4.2-6.4-6.7, Alternative WBTZ 5.2-5.0-5.2, Classic Hits WKOL 4.9-5.2-4.7 and Adult Standards WJOY/A at 1.5.  Notes:  Radio Vermont posts Classical WCVT 1.2 and Variety WDEV .7.  There’s a flock of 19 stations not listed, 12 FM, 9 AM, 6 including clusters Northeast Broadcasting (6), VOX Radio (4) and Saranac Lake Radio (3).  Total Shares:  Hall 19.9, Radio Vermont 1.9.

178.  Concord / Lakes Region, NH.  238,300.  Bill Binnie’s WBIN Media owns the territory with 5 of the Top 6 subscribers listed.  #1 Country WNHW 8.2-6.0-8.3, CHR WJYY 4.1-3.9-6.5, A/C WLNH 3.8-4.9-4.0, Classic Hits WNNH .7-3.9-1.4 and News/Talk WEMJ/A .7-.7-1.1.  Townsquare Country WPKQ (Portsmouth) is heard in 4th position 2.1-1.8-1.8.  Notes:  17 stations, 11 FM and 6 AM have unreported shares.  Clusters include Northeast Communications (5), Great Eastern Radio (3), Mt. Washington Radio (3), Northeast Broadcasting (2).  Concord’s ethnic composition is 1.97% and the preceding 3 markets are 4.4, 3.15 and 3.11%, respectively.  Market Shares:  Binnie Media 21.3.

197.  Manchester, NH.  198,300.  Only 3 stations currently subscribe.  CCU #1 Rock WGIR/F 11.0-9.5-8.7, Townsquare Country WOKQ shows in it’s 3rd NH market 6.6-7.7-7.4 and News/Talk WGIR/A 3.1-3.6-2.2.  7 Stations don’t show shares including the Saga cluster (3).  Shares:  CCU 10.9, Townsquare 7.4.

But wait!  There’s more!.  Many stories yet to be told, along with summaries of trends and opportunities.  Don’t touch that dial!

–Clark Smidt, Media Connector assists with unduplicated opportunities.  Involved in Boston management since ’71:  WBUR, WBZ AM/FM, starting WCOZ, packaging Softrtock for CBS/FM ’77 (“Steely Dan. Without the Heavy Metal.”), Broadcast Advisor since ’82 and Owner/Operator 1989-2012.  Clark is a catalyst for increased success, working with your staff on Content and Business Development.  “New income. Without the cost.”  Please contact:  978 470 2120  Andover, MA.  Thank you.

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