Shareholders benefit during 2014 holiday season

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Saga Communications, Inc.A number of broadcasters are offering dividends as 2014 gets set to go into the record books. Among them: Saga, Entravision and Salem.

* Saga is offering two dividends, a quarterly $0.20 benefit per share and a special $1.20 dividend. Payout is scheduled for 12/29/14 to shareholders of record as of 12/15/14. The total paid will be about $8.1M.

* Hispanic radio/TV group Entravision is handing out $0.025 per share to holders of Class A, B and U stock on 12/30/14. The total benefit will be about $2.2M to shareholders of record as of 12/15/14.

* Salem Communications is paying $0.065 per share quarterly dividend to shareholders of record as of 12/15/14, representing a 4% increase. The payout will take place 12/29/14.

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