Senate to Grill FCC

By on Feb, 8 2016 with Comment 1

SenateAll five FCC commissioners are slated to testify before Congress in March.

South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune, who chairs the Senate Commerce Committee, will convene an FCC oversight hearing on March 2.

He promises a broad scope from video policy to spectrum. “The FCC’s decisions have an enormous effect on the future of our technology economy. This hearing presents an opportunity for committee members to raise issues with the agency’s top decision makers and evaluate the need for legislative initiatives.”


About The Author: Leslie Stimson has been a reporter for 35+ years, starting in radio news. She’s spent the last 20 years reporting for radio trades.

  1. JOAN KELLER Says:

    I am writing regarding Verizon’s decision to possibly drop RFD from our program choices. My husband and I were born and raised in the country. We are now retired and living on our Social Security and do not have a lot of wealth to go and do whatever we wish. Therefore, we enjoy watching the rural shows, music, FFA, etc. that remind us of our upbringing. We really feel it would benefit some of you “city folk” to watch some of the informative programs the nation’s bread winners watch in order to make their important decisions regarding crops, cattle, dairy, etc.

    PLEASE don’t take away one of our main enjoyments in our waning years.