Radio to Face New Foe in Music Licensing Battles

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Music-RecordBroadcasters will face a new foe in the music licensing political battles.

The Grammys are forming a political action committee.

Daryl Friedman, chief advocacy and industry relations officer at the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, announced the creation of the Grammy Fund for Music Creators to increase support from lawmakers.

“Advocacy work is nearly as central to The Recording Academy’s membership as the creation and promotion of music,” Friedman wrote in a post published Tuesday.

The group believes broadcasters, tech firms and other third parties have benefitted disproportionally from digital music.

The group grew out of Grammy members wanting to remain involved and asking Friedman how they could lobby lawmakers, reported the International Business Times. More than 1,650 artists took part in last year’s annual visit to lobby Congress known as “Grammys on the Hill.”

The recording academy continues to support more royalties for radio stations; NAB has countered that stations already pay music royalties it airs and should not have to pay twice. The radio industry also says the music industry discounts the promotional value that stations give artists.

About The Author: Leslie Stimson has been a reporter for 35+ years, starting in radio news. She’s spent the last 20 years reporting for radio trades.

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