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MIB Reports MoviesIntroduction to the TV Movie programming report
Just about everybody eventually watches a movie on television – 94.5%, according to this report. Since almost everybody does it at one point or another, you’d expect the results of a survey such as this to be little more than a rehashing of 18+ tendencies. And you’d be wrong. When reduced to regular watchers, the data pool is reduced to about 50% or so of all respondents. And they come up with a number of answers that reward the broadcaster that checks into it.

There are three parts to this study — the demographics of the hard-core movies on television audience leads it off. Then we’ll move into how the audience is influenced by the media, when they’re tuned in and what else they tune in to. Finally, we’ll take apart the group’s retail shopping habits.

Part One: The Movie Audience

Over half of all survey participants are regular movie watchers on TV, and just about the entire population watches a movie at least occasionally. More women watch than men by a slim margin, and if you acknowledge the fact that there simply ARE more women than men, then the breakdown is almost on par with America. The age of the regular viewer group is almost a yeasr younger than the national average.

Employment/household income
With so much participation in movie viewing, the overall tenor of this report is going to be that it follows very closely the tendencies of the 18+ population. That is particularly true when it comes to employment and income.

Here’s an interesting factoid – Hispanics and African-Americans are somewhat more likely to be regular TV movie hounds, while Caucasians actually skew low in the category.

Part Two: How Movie Fans Use Media

TV ad influence/TV ad online search
This audience pays attention to advertising at an above average level, and 42.6% will head for their online access point get more information on an advertised product, compared to 35.9% of the 18+ population.

Tune-in dayparts
Television movie watching becomes a big activity in the 4:30-7:00 PM time slot, almost gets to 80% during prime time, and is within shouting distance of 30% from 11PM-1AM, and continues to skew high overnight.

Format listening
We noted that Latin and Black audiences are more prone to watch movies on TV than their white counterparts – and that fact is reflected in their format preferences, where Latin and Black music styles do well compared to the general population. In general, all formats seem to do well.

TV viewing
51.9% of people 18+ are regular watchers of movies on TV and 94.2% are occasional viewers. Drama and Police shows are popular with the core group when they are watching something other than a movie.

Part Three: Movie Fans and Retail

Buying women’s/men’s/children’s clothing
Shopping venue preferences in the apparel categories follow the 18+ pattern and are a little bit higher in each case.

Data Flashpoint: Less than 6% of Americans indulge in clothing purchases on a weekly basis, but the regular Movie-watching crowd comes home at 7%. They also provide a slight edge over 18+ in the twice- and once-monthly purchase categories.

Buying children’s toys
As we go through this data, we find over and over again that no matter what the audience, only about half of the audience members have a toy-buying preference, and among those that do, discount stores trump specialty stores. Movie fans are no different.

Buying shoes
The movie audience prefers shoe stores more than the average group of Americans, and is close to par and not particularly prone to acquire footwear at a discount outlet.

Buying electronics
This is a group that is into electronics in general, and as a general rule buys them at a specialty store. Discount stores get almost 20% of the Movie fan’s electronics dollar.

Data Flashpoint: It should come as no surprise that the types of devices needed to — duhhhhhhh – watch movies are very popular. BIGinsight data shows this group rated very high for renting movies, and also above average when it comes to watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web and even listening to music. A good movie is a good place to advertise such products.

Buying sporting goods
About half of this audience isn’t overly concerned about where their sporting good come from, but just under 30% will go to a sporting goods store, compared to just under 24% of the general population.

Data Flashpoint: Movie fans are slightly more prone to participate in sports activities than average, but only slightly. But it includes a variety of activities, including camping/fishing/hunting, personal fitness, team sports and tennis. They are almost dead on average when it comes to golf.

Buying linens/bedding/draperies
We have been seeing a consistent pattern in the data suggesting that discount stores have taken the lead in providing products in this category. They get one in four members of this group, about 5% more than 18+.

Buying home improvement
72% of movie fans have a preference as to where they go for their home improvement needs, and almost all but about 10% of them head for a home improvement stores.
Data Flashpoint: This group is in the game, but it is not one of the core audiences for home improvement advertisers. It does slightly better than 18+ in home improvement and in gardening.

Buying groceries
Core movie-on-TV fans are for the most part grocery store shoppers, rather than habitués of an alternative source of food.

Data Flashpoint: Did you think snacks and soft drinks would score high with this group? You though right! Aan across the board, they exceed national averages in buying items in a wide variety of categories once a week. Organic items are in play, and in general, retailers who wish to sell almost any kind of consumable product have a ready and willing audience here.

Buying health and beauty aids
The core movie audience is more likely to use a drugstore or discount store than average to fulfill their needs in this area, and a little less likely to pick up items on a grocery store trip.

Data Flashpoint: The frequency with which this audience acquires HBA items is very much on par with the average Joe, only slightly higher.

Buying prescriptions
The regular viewers of movies on TV are much more prone to do their prescription fulfillments at an actual drugstore than is the average American.

Data Flashpoint: This is not a particularly healthy group. They score higher for a wide variety of medical complaints than the general public. Add in the fact that they prefer drugstores to other types of retail outlets than does the public at large, and you have a major suggestion for your friends in the pharmacy business who may be wondering where to hit a large and receptive audience.

Buying furniture
Once again, TV Movie fans mimic the public at large, only more so.

Buying appliances
There really isn’t much to do but refer you to the answer for furniture above.

Major planned purchases
With just about the lone exception of the RV/boat category, this large group is ready to make some major purchases. Computers and TVs are major targetrs.

Car/truck planned purchases
We’d guess that this group should earn the attention of car dealers. It’s almost exactly on par with the rest of America when asked if they’ve bought a vehicle recently, but they’re 2% above par when it comes to planned purchases.

Data Flashpoint: The good news – there are no particular bad brands, as far as this group is concerned. The bad news – there aren’t any brands that are all that exciting either. That’s what happens when you are talking about a program type that brings together a wide assortment of humanity. If you’re advertising a universally-used product, this is a great crowd.

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