Investors skittish and in search of safety

By on Sep, 23 2014 with Comments 0

It’s not bad enough we have to keep the good old USA on an even keel to please investors. On Tuesday, events in Europe and Syria were blamed by analysts for pessimism, just as they cited China the day before. Bottom line, bonds were said to be up, but stocks, including radio and TV stocks, were down.

The RBR Radio Index fell 9.759, or 1.3%, to 747.171.

The TVBR Television Index fell 12.717, or 1.7%, to 743.388.

Beasley, up 2.2%
Saga, up 1.1%
CBS, up 0.8%

Emmis, down 8.8%
Nexstar, down 4.6%
Sinclair, down 2.8%














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