Consolidation comes to the airtime remnant sales

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SoldWholesale Airtime Auction is expanding with the purchase of the assets of Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising, for an undisclosed price.

Describing its business, WAA stated that it “…offers a weekly fire sale auction for packages of remnant TV and radio advertising in the United States. This unique auction process allows customers to buy TV and radio advertising inventory at 3 to 50 cents on the dollar. Their service is available on a local, regional, and national level in over 300 metro market cities and in all 50 states.” It also offers TV and radio creative services.

WTRA assets being acquired include its telephone number, web domains, marketing data and analytics, software and marketing materials.

According to WAA, WTRA was turning a small profit, but it was not large enough to justify continuing to operate. WAA believes it focused too much on tech issues and not enough on operations, and adds that the assets will allow it to step up its own services.

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