How Do Two Ex-Chairs View Today’s FCC?

A lot of reminiscing, and a lot of questions as to how the Trump Administration will leave the FCC as independent of an agency as it can be

How Much Did Gray Grab From Spectrum Auction?

Gray expects to receive the proceeds from the reverse auction either in Q2 or Q3 2017

Say Farewell To Reverse Auction Quiet Period

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau is waiving the Reverse Auction's quiet-period rules
Mignon Clyburn

Has Pai Lit A Fire Under Democrat Clyburn?

In scathing comments, Clyburn called Feb. 3 "take out the trash day"

Is The Spectrum Auction’s End Imminent?

On 2/8, the bidding schedule in Stage 4 of the Forward Auction rises to six rounds per day

Here’s What The Media Bureau Just Rescinded

Two major moves largely scratch what theMedia Bureau had etched in not-so-permanent marker under a Democratic Chairman

KDND’s End: ‘Huge’ Public Interest Win

Media Action Center (MAC) and its founder call Entercom's KDND license surrender "a huge public interest victory"

Can We Modernize The FCC?

Implement a structure that moves away from antiquated silos, FCC landing team member Mark Jamison opines

ATSC 3.0 NPRM Lauded Ahead Of FCC Vote

Commission to vote on first steps for broadcasters on new digital TV standard

Pai’s Pilot Program Propels Transparency

Should it be successful, program will "give the public much more insight into the Commission’s activities," Chairman Pai says

FCC Brings New Possibilities To AM Revitalization

Expanding siting for a FM translator could give AM revitalization efforts a further shot in the arm

Laura Stefani Rises At A Big D.C. Law Firm

Her primary practice areas include media, telecommunications, IP, internet law, technical innovation, litigation and gov't relations

This D.C. Lawyer Wants Easing Of Anti-Collusion Rules

The Incentive Auction "has handcuffed" the broadcast TV industry in many respects for more than a year, this D.C. attorney says
Scott Flick

The FCC’s First Steps On Broadcast Deregulation

What is the immediate impact? First of all, the change won't go into effect immediately, Pillsbury partner Scott Flick notes

Here Are February’s Most Important Dates

We've outlined those dates for you, so you avoid any last-minute crunches or outright forgetting about them

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