‘Internet Freedom’ Moves Closer With FCC’s NPRM OK

"Net neutrality" is one step closer to being erased from the FCC's rule books. In a widely expected partisan move that occurred on a day when many social media users use a "throwback Thursday" hashtag (#tbt), the FCC voted to press ahead on turning back the clock on regulations that require Internet service providers to give access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoritism to particular websites or portals.
John Thune

Sen. Thune: Why The ‘Open Internet’ Needs Protection

With the FCC today launching an NPRM that would strip net neutrality regulations, South Dakota Republican John Thune has a suggestion. "My preference would be to begin bipartisan work on such legislation without any further delay." The Chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee made the comment on the floor of the Senate today. Here's what else Sen. Thune had to say on what he believes is the restoration of an open internet.

FCC Releases NPRM On Main Studio Rule’s Rescission

In an unanimous 3-0 vote at today's FCC May Open meeting, the Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that proposes to eliminate the rule, which requires each AM, FM, and television broadcast station to have a main studio located in or near its local community.

Redl Wins White House Nod To Lead NTIA

The Chief Council on Communications and Technology for the House Energy & Commerce Committee and a former CTIA Regulatory Affairs Director has been nominated by President Trump to serve as the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Asst. Secretary for Communication and Information.

FCC Gets Tough With A Pair Of Pirates

A petition for reconsideration filed with the FCC by the operator of an unlicensed radio station in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles has lost his fight to avoid forking over a sizable fine for his actions. At the same time, the FCC has made it known that a broadcast buccaneer in the Bronx cannot continue to operate on a signal that's a first-adjacency to a Gotham FM owned by CBS Radio.

Emergency? Americans Tune To Broadcast Media

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, the radio and TV are the media most Americans seek for the latest information and details. In fact, U.S. adults turn to broadcast TV and radio above all other media by a factor of nearly four to one, new online research shared by the NAB finds.

Time Runs Out For Erie Radio CP

A winning bidder for an FM construction permit in the FCC's Auction 98 has just seen its long-form application for the permit dismissed. The action comes after the bidder failed to make a required downpayment for the permit, and sought a waiver for the deadline. This request was denied, thanks (in part) to Connoisseur Media. Now, the bidder has no new station. And, the company has been assessed an interim default payment.

LG To FCC: Adopt A/322 in Next-Gen TV Rules

Television set manufacturer LG has a huge stake in the success of ATSC 3.0. That's why it filed comments this week in the FCC's next-gen TV proceeding. Here's what LG had to say.

Lakes Media Speaks Up On FM Translator Rulemaking Petition

North Carolina-based Lakes Media LLC and its President, Tom Birch, on Friday submitted comments to the Commission that strongly rebut a rulemaking petition submitted by Aztec Capital Partners that would, in Birch's view, loosen protections for fully licensed FM stations. The comments come on the heels of receipt of an FCC Staff Letter ordering immediate cessation of the operation of a translator in Durham, N.C., and the dismissal of its license.

Here’s What Set For The FCC’s May Open Meeting

Elimination of the main studio rule — along with consideration of a Public Notice that would launch a review of the Commission’s rules applicable to media entities and seek comment on what rules should be modified or repealed — are on the agenda for the Commission's Open Meeting scheduled for May 18.

Here’s What Happens When You Fail To Renew Your License

Two individuals who jointly operate a low-power TV station have been handed a whopping $144,344 proposed fine from the FCC. Why? They continued to operate the LPTV station well after their license was cancelled for failing to file a renewal ... some 19 years ago. Here's a tale of what not to do when operating a broadcast media property, along with an RBR + TVBR Observation on the matter.

‘Lessons for the Future’ Following FCC Incentive Auction

One of the nation's top voices on the just-completed FCC Spectrum Auction is heading to Washington, D.C. to share some of the "lessons learned" throughout the undertaking.

Take Three: The Latest Broadcast Station Ownership Report

Totaling 74 pages, the "Third Report on Ownership of Commercial Broadcast Stations" — based on FCC Form 323 Ownership Data as of Oct. 1, 2015 — has been released by the Commission's Media Bureau. FCC Form 323 is designed to obtain comprehensive data on racial and ethnic minority and female broadcast ownership—statistically valid broadcast ownership data that can be compiled and aggregated and used as a source for further analysis. What did the FCC find?

A Bipartisan Push In Congress Would Prevent An ‘Ad Tax’

Worried about increased royalty payments for the music played on an AM or FM radio station? There's a new concern to turn your attention to, and broadcast TV's C-Suite also may wish to pay attention.

Tom Birch Finally Topples Troublesome Translator

Arohi Media LLC on Tuesday night officially complied with the FCC and shut down FM translator W252DK, licensed to Durham, N.C. The translator greatly impacted Tom Birch's Lakes Media. In this exclusive interview, Birch offers advice on how others can avoid such a costly problem.

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