Did AT&T Force Consumers From U-Verse To DirecTV?

TVfreedom.org, a coalition of local broadcasters, community advocates, network TV affiliate associations and other independent organizations advocating for preserving the retransmission consent regime, posted the following column Friday (3/17). With Optimum customers in Litchfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut once again receiving Meredith Corp. CBS affiliate WFSB-3 in Hartford, we are pleased to share TVFreedom's column in full with RBR + TVBR readers interested in learning more about how the broadcast television industry views retrans fee deals.

Who Is Chairman Pai Set To Address?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will be getting an early start on Thursday, March 30. That's because he's just committed to an 8 a.m. address at a major telecommunications advocacy group's 24th annual policy summit in the Nation's Capital.

More On Flo & Eddie, As The Pre-’72 Battle Continues

The music battle continues over the question of whether state laws provide a public performance right in pre-1972 sound recordings, and noted D.C. Communications attorney David Oxenford offers the latest on what this means for Flo & Eddie, and for the media industry.

This Must-Carry Ask Just Got Nixed

A MyNetwork affiliate in Mississippi asserted it had to be added to a cable system's lineup in a county some 30 miles from the origin point of its low-power signal. The FCC disagreed. Here's why.

Pai Paints A Picture For Federal Broadband Funding Plan

'Light-touch' FCC regulation is spelled out by the FCC Chairman in a speech delivered Wednesday morning at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. His plans could play a big role in how radio and TV can reach audiences via digital and social media.

Announcing The 2017 Ajit Pai Midwest Tour!

No, he wasn't the "french toast guy" in the 2000 cinematic classic Road Trip. Freshly minted FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is going to be remembered for a Road Trip that's all his own. We've got an RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION for Members Only to enjoy.

Ajit Pai Picked For Las Vegas Address

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is packing his bags and heading to Vegas. Pai has been selected to deliver a General Session address at the 2017 NAB Show on Tuesday, April 25.

GOP Net Neutrality Foe To Address Cable Confab

The Chair of the House Republican Conference — and the highest-ranking female Republican in the House of Representatives — has been tapped to address American Cable Association (ACA) members on March 29 at the organization's 24th annual policy summit in Washington, D.C.

Here’s The Date For Eased Translator Sitings

Mark April 10 on your calendar, radio broadcasters. That is the date shown in Thursday's Federal Register for the effective date of the FCC's rule setting forth the allowable location of an FM translator station rebroadcasting the signal of an AM broadcast station.

FCC: Protecting The Public Interest, Not The Special Interest

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, along with Commissioners Mike O’Rielly and Mignon Clyburn, on Wednesday testified at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. It would seem that so-called public interest advocates would support such Congressional oversight, as it ensures that regulators do their jobs and is indicative of the checks and balances provided by the Constitution. Sadly, it appears some oppose it. Indeed, advocates criticized Congress for its hearing of then-Chairman Tom Wheeler and FCC commissioners. That the FCC testifies before the Senate is not unreasonable and seems to be the bare minimum of oversight, says AEI visiting fellow Roslyn Layton.

Pai’s Four Focus Areas Put ‘Digital Divide’ Front And Center

As the freshly minted Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai has made it clear that bringing the "digital opportunity" to all Americans is one of his principal goals as leader of the Commission. In his opening remarks Wednesday at a Senate Commerce Committee FCC oversight hearing held on a balmy day in Washington, Pai made it clear that he's springing into action on four key areas he plans on emphasizing "so long as I am privileged to serve as Chairman."

New FCC Meets New Congress In Hill Hearing

For the first time in six months, the FCC Chairman and all Commissioners participated in a Senate Commerce Committee Oversight Hearing led by Sen. John Thune (R-S. Dakota). From the get-go, Thune expressed his pleasure with the leadership of new Chairman Ajit Pai -- and wasn't shy in expressing his displeasure with the overall atmosphere created by Pai's predecessor. Ranking Member Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) was quick to express his "continued frustration that Jessica Rosenworcel is not sitting before us today as a commissioner."
Ajit Pai

A Presidential Renomination For Ajit Pai

The world may now have a better understanding as to why FCC Chairman Ajit Pai met with President Trump at the White House on Monday afternoon: He's been nominated to serve a second term on the FCC.

Pai Welcomes New Policy Advisor, Staff Assistant

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is welcoming two new staffers to the Office of the Chairman. One comes from the R Street Institute, described as "a free-market think tank," while the other is a longtime Spectrum Enforcement Division staffer.

Late Spring For Transactions Bloom?

There were no new transactions posted at the FCC on Monday (3/6), and it's been relatively quiet overall -- aside from Entercom's blockbuster tax-free merger with CBS Radio, which was months in the works. Are we in the midst of the calm before the storm of sales and tornado of transactions strikes the U.S.?

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