TV in the Dealmaking Driver’s Seat

A number of factors may be suppressing the 2015 market for television stations

Stocks: Read it and Weep

Broadcasters probably wish they could have called in sick last week

First Half Stock Report: Ouch, Mostly

The very harsh Winter of 2015, especially as experienced on the eastern side of America

Non-com Deal Fuels Mid-July Trading

There was actually a well-rounded slate of station trading activity

Mid-July Stock Uptick for Most Broadcasters

The news has by and large been gloomy in this space for much of 2015

Deals: The Merry Month of May Eclipsed Q1

By any measure, stations are not trading like hotcakes this year

Renewed Signs of Life in Station Market

The mainstay dealmaker of 2015, television division, has been Gray
Stock Market

Another Mixed Week for Broadcast Stocks

The first full week of July was very much a mixed bag

Q2 Stocks Look Good for Univision

That is, if the trends hold. The second quarter of 2015 produced extremely mixed results

Traders Nap through June-July Segue

The week leading to the Fourth of July was undoubtedly filled with anticipation

Greece Fails to Grease the Stock Market Wheels

The vast majority of the broadcast stocks we follow were punished

June Trading: Crickets

Just about any way the data is sliced, June is in last place
Stock Market

Taking Stock of June

There were notable exceptions, but there is no getting around the fact

June Deal Doldrums Kicking In

We don’t know what the weather has been like where you live

TV Stocks Fare Better as June Winds Down

All in all, the week of June 22-26 was not a particularly pleasant one

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