A Forthcoming Arizona FM Changes Hands

A facility-to-be has been traded some 70 miles east of Tucson

Edgewater Sells Four More Translators

Idaho-based religious broadcaster Edgewater Broadcasting is parting ways with four more FM translators

Word Up: Salem Shifts Control Of Three-Station Cluster

Two AMs and an FM will soon be operated via an LMA by another religious broadcast company

Ozark FM Dealt To Local Arkansas Entity

A Class A FM in the Ozark National Forest has been traded from one local broadcaster to another in a hardship sale.

EMF Gains Again With This Virginia FM

The latest purchase by the owner of the Christian AC K-LOVE network involves a longtime affiliate in the Old Dominion.

Silent California Noncomm Set For Resurrection

The noncomm religious entity behind the Air1 and K-LOVE networks is getting an FM and its four translators in the Monterey Bay area

Radio One Adds In Indianapolis

Two FM translators are headed from the suburbs, and one will be used to bring a little “revitalization” to an AM.

TRANSACTIONS TODAY: Religious Stations Change Hands

An AM in a city that straddles two states is set to “awaken” to a new owner; Albuquerque AM gains an FM translator.

It’s ‘Inspiration Time’ For A Keystone State AM

A Class D daytimer on the shores of Lake Erie has been acquired by a broadcaster who knows all about "Inspiration Time." That's the name...

EMF: Buy Another, Mike

A Buckeye State Class A facility is the latest to come under Educational Media Foundation ownership; XTRA Sports gets an FM translator

On A Light Transactions Day, A Donation

Two Texas TV translators are donated to a national religious broadcaster; an FM translator is gifted to a local religious entity in Oklahoma

Alpha Deals In Old Dominion

It's the end of the line for two former Main Line Broadcasting stations that Alpha Media acquired in July 2014

EMF Adds An FM Near Chicago

The noncommercial religious broadcaster has made it known that it is not exiting the Chicago metro.
Broadcast Tower

An Absolute Sale Is Set In New Hampshire

A Class B AM in Nashua is sold by Absolute Broadcasting; Gray TV agrees to purchase an LPTV station in Alaska’s capital

Pine Tree Flips In Maine; ‘Wee Gee’ Gains In Twin Cities

Pine Tree Broadcasting sells two Class C AMs and a translator it purchased in January, along with a third AM; 'Wee Gee' Gains in Twin Cities

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