FCC Brings New Possibilities To AM Revitalization

Expanding siting for a FM translator could give AM revitalization efforts a further shot in the arm

Michigan Pair Plucked For Mittens

A pair of Petoskey-Traverse City AMs are sold. Meanwhile, Emmis’ Terre Haute, Ind., station sales have officially closed.

A Deep South Border Town AM Changes Hands

A Class D daytimer serving a community split by a state line is being sold to the owner of another AM some 50 miles to the northeast

‘Devil’s Advocate’ Grabs A Daytimer

A liberal talk host as purchased the ESPN Deportes Radio affiliate in Wisconsin's biggest market. A format change is set for Feb. 1

Bluegrass Country To Stay Put In D.C.

A D.C.-area nonprofit has been given the OK to run WAMU-HD2's Bluegrass Country for a two-year period, for starters
Broadcast Tower

High Desert AM Sold Ahead Of Tower Shift

The buyer also needs to pack all studio and office equipment by month’s end, and pay for an FCC STA request

TRANSACTIONS TODAY: TX Translator Nets Big Price

The facility is located just 20 miles from two border towns along the Rio Grande

An Immaculate Merger Nears Finalization

A deal originally announced in mid-October 2016 is finally filed with the FCC, signaling the official merger of two religious noncomms

Keystone State FM Locked For KLove

A big religious noncomm exercises an option to purchase the Class A station.

Carolina Daytimer, FM Translator ‘Surge’ Ahead

Also in Transactions Today: An Idaho TV pair sell for below their asking price

This Big Radio Player Just Sold An SLC AM

A Salt Lake City Class C is being sold to a church set to air Spanish-language religious programming.

Phoenix-Area Translator Flows To Riviera

A translator serving a large portion of the southeastern Phoenix DMA has been dealt to Riviera, a move rumored to be true last autumn

Here’s a NoCal Sale With A ‘Universal’ Spin

A Class B AM presently airing a Bollywood format has been sold to an Asian broadcaster

TRANSACTIONS TODAY: A Trio Of Translator Deals

Highlighted today are three separate translator transactions, with two involving the same Utah buyer

This Station’s Last Chance Is Gone

A new FM in Montana's state capital is being donated by a local volunteer group that brought public radio to this city

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