What the Election Results Mean for Advertising

Gaining a more granular understanding of what policies the Trump Administration is likely to pursue is Task One for 4A's

How Diversity Can Increase Ad Spend

broadcast TV drew a larger number of viewers from one demographic segment than from any other.

Are You The ‘Missing Link’ Between Brands and Retail?

How can TV and radio work with brands to help influence a transaction? That may be the question to win back CMOs

The FCC and Congress: Is Everything ‘Fine’?

Back in 2002, Ken Benner stumbled upon "MM Docket No. 98-204." He recalls, "It was the most disturbing item I had ever seen in my life."

The Hyperbole of the AT&T/Time Warner Merger

A few of the points being alleged by those against the $85.4B deal call for deeper analysis, this columnist believes

How To Cope With Changing Tastes? Look to Pepsi

By acting like Pepsico, radio can greater respect from the brands that these radio stations are emulating.

NAB To FCC: ‘Let’s Do the Time Warp Again’

Learn how the NAB is fighting for TV and radio by again assailing the FCC for its 41-year-old cross-ownership ban

How To Crash The Cultural Conversation

Identify breaking stories and find a creative way to become a part of them -- a new marketing philosophy

Is ‘Complexification’ The FCC’s Gift To Broadcasters?

Alternative FCC Inspector Ken Benner believes that the Commission is presently engaged in "complexification"

How The NAB Has Helped Radio’s Streaming Costs

Streaming agreements with Sony and Warner Music Groups will ease costs for AM and FM stations

An Ethics Code For FCC Alternative Compliance

Learn how those offering FCC Alternative Compliance Certification work under a strict code of ethics

Do We Need The FCC?

There seem to be three reasons why we still have the Commission, says AEI Visiting Fellow Mark Jamison

Social Media Tips, From The Wedding Party

Are some media properties acting like annoying wedding guests when it comes to their social media development?
NFL / National Football League

Dear NFL: Turn To Radio For Ratings Recovery

According to pundits, the sky is falling for the NFL. Perhaps listening to the radio will yield some good programming ideas.

Alternative Inspection Certifications Made Easy

Alternative FCC Inspector Ken Benner offers additional tips for stations seeking alternative inspection certifications

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