Fred Jacobs

Can Command Technology Help Radio In The Home?

Beyond the car, radio faces a problem. It's one that Jacobs Media president and founder Fred Jacobs continues to see

Is Your Station App All That?

A newly released study finds that retaining App users over time continues to be a major challenge for App marketers

Reforming The FCC: From Engineering To Ecosystems

In this writer's view, the economics and engineering bureaus would concentrate on analysis.

Why Facebook’s MRC Audit Is Another Threat

MRC accreditation, original content creation led by a former MTV exec are the latest moves regarding

Why Digital Trust Issues Are A Radio Win

Third-party verification can’t come too soon to digital media, a new study says. Should Radio sales teams be beaming?
Erwin Krasnow

The Life and Death of Minority Tax Certificates

Given the renewed discussion on the topic seen across D.C. this week, we revisit thoughts from a top Inside-The-Beltway attorney

A ‘Happy’ Birthday For Telecom Act?

Layton has plenty to say about "net neutrality." So do leaders at TechFreedom and Tech Knowledge

Snapchat: Disruptor Or ROI Player?

Just when radio and TV execs thought Snapchat could be strictly thought of as an ROI tool, the Threatometer has surged into the red

Should Advertising Remain A ‘Short-Term Expense’?

After studying a wide array of research on the issue, two professors from Loyola Marymount University reach a conclusion

Can We Modernize The FCC?

Implement a structure that moves away from antiquated silos, FCC landing team member Mark Jamison opines

How GMR Has Put Its Stamp On Classic Rock

Given GMR's artist roster, it's all but impossible to be a top Classic Rocker minus a license deal, this RBR + TVBR INFOCUS report finds

Is ‘Net-Connected TV Penetration Maxing Out?

The penetration of Internet-connected TVs among U.S. broadband households has grown from 50% in 2013 to 74% at the end of 2016

The Next OOH Opportunity For Radio: Your Car

Is a privately owned vehicle bearing the logo of a radio station's advertiser the next ROI opportunity?

Are Americans Ready For 4K Television?

New research suggests the cart may be coming before the horse

Should We Want A Bipartisan FCC?

Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI and a part of the Trump FCC transition team, says "no." But, he was a strong reason why.

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