Ron Amram

Ron Amram, Heineken USA’s Senior Media Director/Marketing

Heineken’s new TV spot, “Déjà Vu,” ushers in the redesigned Star Bottle across the US. Paired with a
Michael Savage

Michael Savage’s Radio Renaissance

Delivered via Cumulus Media Networks daily, Dr. Savage is independent-minded and fits no stereotype—especially when it comes to politics. For example, he attacks big government and liberal media bias, but champions the environment and animal rights. Go figure!

Seven Questions with Preston Padden

NAB’s Gordon Smith says there seems to be no stampede to participate in the incentive auction program – what’s your take?
Mary Quass

Seven Questions with Mary Quass

There are more similarities in the large and small markets than differences. We must serve our community, listeners, and advertisers in both
Steve Lanzano

Seven Questions with Steve Lanzano

With all advertisers looking for greater accountability we continue to push for more accurate measurement, including being compensated for
John Hogan

Six questions with John Hogan

Current company: Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Position: Chairman and CEO Location: New York Place of Birth: Chicago Date of Birth: 10.15.56 Personal info: Nancy – Wife, Makenzi –...
Erwin Krasnow

Seven Questions with Erwin Krasnow

Current company: Garvey Schubert Barer Position: Partner and Co-Chair, Communications Group Location: Washington, DC Born: Brooklyn, NY Bred: Fall River, MA (“City of Hills, Mills and Unpaid Bills”) Personal...
Jim Winston

Five Questions with Jim Winston

Despite many obstacles, National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Executive Director Jim Winston is confident that improving the diversity of ownership of America’s airwaves...
Bill Figenshu

Six Questions with Bill Figenshu

Radio veteran Bill Figenshu was “in heaven” when he broke into radio, even though his weekly paycheck fell quite some distance shy of the...
Todd Hartman

Seven Questions with Kalil’s Todd Hartman

Todd Hartman, VP at brokerage firm Kalil & Co. says deal-making in 2012 was better than in 2011, and seems to be picking up...
Daniel Anstandig

Interviews: Daniel Anstandig, LDR CEO

97X in Tampa recently went to LDR 24/7. What was the reasoning behind going beyond doing just dayparts? What moved the needle for them...
Perry Sook

Seven Questions with Perry Sook

Personal information: Current company: Think you know that Position: Think you know that too Location: Irving, TX Spouse/Children: Married 30 years to my college sweetheart. We have three...
Susan Whiting

Eight Questions with Susan Whiting

Current company: Nielsen Position: Vice Chair Location: Chicago, IL Place of Birth: Chicago, IL College: Denison University Favorite band or artist: Too many to choose one Favorite movies: The King’s...
Gordon Smith

Six Questions with Gordon Smith

National Association of Broadcasters President/CEO Gordon Smith has used his experience as a consensus builder in the US Congress to make sure broadcast priorities...
Jeff Smulyan

Six Questions with Emmis’ Jeff Smulyan

2012 was a big year for Emmis Communications, and now CEO/Founder Jeff Smulyan can look toward the future. At the top of the to-do...

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