Logitek Introduces Consoles Designed for ‘Touch Generation’

Logitek Electronic Systems and its R&D partner, Logitek Australia, have announced the Helix line of digital consoles, marking Logitek’s sixth generation of router-based digital consoles.

Orban Unveils Its Newest Analog and Digital Radio Audio Processor

Audio processing firm Orban has introduced the Optimod-FM 8700i, designed for both analog and digital radio broadcasting. It will be shown at NAB 2017 and ships in May.

An ‘Alexa Skill Building Bootcamp’ For NAB Show Attendees

Concerned about how an "Internet of Things" device may lead to odd wobbles in your station's Nielsen Audio ratings, mimicking what was just seen with Beasley's WYUU-FM in Tampa? A new program open to all 2017 NAB Show attendees that explores Alexa voice service technology may be just what you've needed.

An Integration Partnership Arrives For Qligent and Artel

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, has finalized an integration partnership with Artel Video Systems designed to help broadcasters ease the transition to ATSC 3.0.

Coming To The NAB Show: A ‘Connected Car Hackathon’

The "connected car" is not only set to be a focal point of discussions among 2017 NAB Show attendees in Las Vegas in two weeks, but is also set to be the center of attention for tech wizards. Ford Motor Company is teaming up with Detroit-based mobile app developer jācapps to produce a unique event on the convention floor expressly for coders and developers.

NextRadio’s Next Move: Streaming and Dashboard Integration

The "live-and-local-FM" NextRadio app hasn't yet landed on Apple iPhones. That may change later this summer with the rollout of a new streaming app -- a big pivot for NextRadio. At the same time, a secure presence in the "connected car" has been finalized, with full details to be offered at the NAB Show.

Introducing A Solar FM Retransmitter

Looking for ways to cut down the electric bill? At the 2017 NAB Show, you'll get the chance to consider a just-launched solar-powered FM retransmitter, courtesy of WorldCast Systems.

A Unique UHF Antenna To Debut In Vegas

Dielectric, which manufactures purpose-engineered antennas and RF systems for TV and radio broadcasters, will unveil the TFU-GTH-BB—a one-of-a-kind, high-power, broadband pylon UHF antenna with integrated ATSC 3.0-ready technology—at the 2017 NAB Show.

Need Dante Certification? Attend The 2017 NAB Show

Audinate, the creator of the popular Dante audio-over-IP technology, has partnered with Clear-Com to offer a broadcast focused version of its popular Dante Certification Program at the 2017 NAB Show.

A Global TV Tech Day Comes To Las Vegas

Early arrivals to Las Vegas for the 2017 NAB Show have the opportunity to explore emerging media technologies from the perspective of the world's leading media standards development organizations, industry forums and key implementers.

Rusch Returns For Orban Sales Role

A familiar face has "Rusch"-ed back to audio processing firm Orban Labs, taking the title of North America Sales Manager.

Is Flo & Eddie’s Florida Rights Fight Flimsy?

Attorney Henry Gradstein contends that there is "no question" that in Florida, a recording artist owns their audio recordings. Gradstein is representing Flo & Eddie in a Florida Supreme Court case now underway that will determine whether Sirius XM is liable for royalty payments for pre-1972 recordings.

Orban’s iMix 5.1 Headphone Monitor Hits The Streets

Designed for accurate rendering of a discrete 5.1 soundstage in the users’ headphones, the iMix 5.1 Monitor does not require artificial ambience or special encoding to accurately reproduce multichannel audio.

This Is Only A Test: An ATSC 3.0 Watermarking Trial

An on-air test is now underway of new digital broadcasting technology that will help broadcasters tailor content to viewers and better measure audience activity.

JVC Ships Multimedia Duo With CarPlay, Android Auto

JVC Mobile Entertainment's highly anticipated pair of flagship multimedia receivers — the DVD-equipped KW-V830BT and mech-less KW-M730BT — will begin shipping this week after receiving third-party software approval.

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