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Pandora Affirms Its Q2, FY ’17 Guidance

Simple math makes for easy guidance affirmation. With a huge $480 million cash infusion from Sirius XM replacing a $150 million strategic investment offer from KKR made May 8, Pandora stands firm with its guidance for the current quarter and for the full year as offered during its Q1 2017 conference call.

Pandora Gets A ‘Sirius’ Investment

In a Friday morning announcement, Pandora confirmed that it has secured an agreement from SiriusXM to make a $480 million investment in the company and announced the sale of its Ticketfly division to Eventbrite for $200 million — significantly less than what Pandora purchased it for less than two years ago.

Inovonics Brings NAB 2017 Sneak Peeks To Market

If you stopped by the Inovonics booth at the 2017 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and took an interest in some of the company's new products, you're in luck. All are available now, or will be shipping as of June 19.

Back At The Boardroom Table: Sirius XM and Pandora

According to numerous media reports, Sirius XM and Oakland, Calif.-based streaming audio company Pandora are once again talking. The key question is if Sirius XM is planning to make a significant investment in Pandora, or buy it outright.

VariZoom USA Pacts With Cineo

VariZoom will now sell the Cineo Matchbox lighting solution, a portable remote phosphor on-camera light used for motion picture and television production, and its accessories throughout the U.S.

‘The Light’ Goes With Rohde & Schwarz For Transmitter Upgrade

A Contemporary Christian AC noncomm serving the Asheville, N.C., market has upgraded its transmitter and, at the same time, cut its energy costs by going with Germany's Rohde & Schwarz.

Quincy Media Goes With GatesAir For Repack Plan

The owner of 18 broadcast TV stations in such small markets as Binghamton, N.Y., and Waterloo, Iowa, has turned to GatesAir for transmitters — and related installation and commissioning services — for spectrum repack needs across its group.

iHeart For Auto Gets A Big Upgrade

"It's been a while, but we're back!" That's the greeting visitors to the iTunes Store will receive when discovering what's new with the free iHeart for Auto app. As of today, a new "engine" and some "bodywork" is complete, and iHeartMedia is promising "a smoother, more stable listening experience and a refreshed look" while it sets the groundwork for "really cool new features" designed for the connected car.

Squadeo Now In Viaccess-Orca’s Orbit

Squadeo, a provider of secure cross-platform OTT premium video solutions for the TV industry, has been purchased by Viaccess-Orca, known for the protection and enhancement of content services.

ClearView Venue Player DisplayPort Now Available For Broadcasters

A video server that automatically plays multiple uncompressed RGB video segments to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence via the DP interface is now available from Campbell, Calif.-based Video Clarity.

FM Chips In Smartphones Get Another Big Endorsement

The push to activate FM chips in smartphones, which Emmis Communications and its NextRadio arm have taken the lead on in the U.S., has gotten a continental boost thanks to the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA).

UHD Ownership Surging In U.S. Households

Among emerging technologies, 4K Ultra HD (UHD) television is enjoying the fastest growth in U.S. household ownership. That's a key takeaway from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)'s 19th annual Consumer Technology Ownership and Market Potential Study.

AccuWeather Unveils Android TV App

Android TV users have a new way to get the latest weather forecast. That's because AccuWeather has officially launched a new app for the OTT device.

WTTW Repack Game Plan Includes GatesAir

The primary PBS member station serving the Chicago market has selected GatesAir to fulfill its FCC TV spectrum repack requirements. The wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions provider for TV and radio broadcasters will offer the station its newly released Maxiva ULXTE high-efficiency, liquid-cooled UHF TV transmitter in preparation for WTTW’s relocation from digital channel 47 to 25.

Linking Online and Offline Media Consumers: Radio’s Revenue Win

How can AI "supercharge" a radio station advertisers' return on investment? That question, among others, was answered by two top executives at Veritone today during the first in a series of exclusive webinars hosted by Streamline Publishing's Radio INK and RBR+TVBR.

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