Empire State Sputter For Local Radio Ad Spending?

Local advertising spending in the state of New York will reach $13.7 billion in 2017 across the Empire State's 10 local media markets. That said, radio is laggard when it comes to ad spend in the top 5 vertical market categories, and is behind all other forms of local media. That nugget comes courtesy of BIA/Kelsey's updated 2017 U.S. Local Advertising Forecast.

A $900 Million Debt Swap And Payoff From CBS

After Monday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, CBS went looking for some cash—in a nearly billion-dollar way—to engage in a debt swap that, when all the calculations are made, gives the company a more favorable consolidated rate of interest.

Cordillera Goes With GatesAir For Three Repack Shifts

Twin Cities-based Cordillera Communications is putting the wheels in motion on the broadcast spectrum move of no less than three UHF stations—a move predicated by the completion of the FCC's spectrum auction. Stations in Kentucky, Colorado and Montana are impacted, and brought in to assist with the channel shift for the trio of broadcast stations is GatesAir.

A Soft Start To A Pre-Holiday Week

With the Independence Day holiday nearly one week away, U.S. financial markets saw another day of light—and mixed—overall activity on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 35.20 points, to 21,429.96, while the Nasdaq composite was down 16.08, to 6,250.22. Among the key movers for the media industry was broadcast TV giant Nexstar Media Group.

What Are The Top ‘IoT’ Consumer Trends?

A new Parks Associates white paper released today sheds new light on the leading "internet of things" trends for consumers as the first half of 2016 — and the end of the fiscal year for many — arrives on Friday. Parks Associates identified 10 key trends impacting the market for consumer technology now and into the next year. Find out what they are here, and if radio's C-Suite can benefit.

‘Traditional Media Isn’t Going Away’ Despite Digital Buzz

There is no question that forms of online and digital media play an ever-more significant role in our lives. But what does that mean for traditional media platforms? According to Kantar Media’s DIMENSION report, traditional media isn’t going away.
FOX Sports

FOX Sports Puts It Faith In Out-of-Home Nielsen Numbers

FOX Sports has given the green light to Nielsen's national out-of-home reporting service. A multi-year agreement between the dominant audience measurement services firm and one of the nation's biggest sports programming brands has been forged.

One WTC Broadcast Tower Is Now Operational

In a historic event that comes nearly 16 years after the destruction of the original World Trade Center broadcast tower in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the official start of relocation of live broadcasting to One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan has commenced.
U.S. Congress

Four More House Members For LRFA

As the weeks into the new Congress pass, the chances of the Deutch-supported PROMOTE Act and the Blackburn-backed Fair Play Fair Pay Act coming up for a House vote grow dimmer. That's because the LRFA now has 195 co-sponsors in the House and 22 in the Senate.

Affirmed: A Chicago Class A Can’t Move To Channel 41

The licensee of a Class A television station in Chicago that challenged a FCC Media Bureau dismissal of a Displacement Application to change the station's digital dial position from Channel 4 to Channel 41 has been thwarted in its efforts to get the Commission to change its mind.

Introducing Mobile Measurement … For YouTube Ads

Here's something new for the broadcast media C-Suites to chew on: Mobile measurement of advertisements has arrived ... for YouTube. Thank Nielsen for the rollout of the new ad measurement tool.

The NAB’s YouTube Warning To The FCC

The 39-month broadcast TV repack process will be really hard. That's a message that the NAB wants the FCC to digest and agree with. To make its point known, the industry's chief lobbying force in Washington, D.C., took to YouTube to upload a 2 1/2 minute video that explains why the FCC's efforts to relocate local TV broadcasters into a smaller television band following the recently completed incentive auction will involve a host of challenges.

French Dip: iHeartMedia’s Cannes-Do Act

With the company's shares at $1.80 and breathless headlines noting its heavy debt burden, iHeartMedia brought out the stars — and likely spent a hefty sum — on staying top of mind with the world's most influential marketing, advertising and branding execs gathered in the south of France for the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Pai Looks To WBK For New Enforcement Bureau Chief

A former Key West, Fla., bureau chief for the Miami Herald who served as the FCC's Media Bureau Deputy Chief from 2005-2008 and then as a legal advisor to then-Commissioner Robert McDowell is set to return to the FCC. That's because Chairman Pai intends to appoint this individual to head the all-important Enforcement Bureau. We have an RBR+TVBR Observation on this appointment.

Are Radio, TV Poised To Suffer From Ad Budget Slices?

If local advertisers were barbers, they'd skip the shears and go for the electric razor without hesitation. That's because the latest data from Borrell Associates indicates that cable TV, broadcast TV, and radio — in ascending order — are set to take an immediate haircut on their ad revenue.

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