Cumulus Absent From Thursday Sea Of Green

Nearly across-the-board gains were seen among media stocks in Thursday's trading on Wall Street. The lone exceptions: Comcast, down 0.07%; the volatile Netflix, off 0.05%; and Cumulus Media. The No. 2 radio broadcast company by number of stations saw its stock price sag by 6.8%.

FCC, OSHA Team For Tower Worker Safety Guide

To help reduce injuries or place tower workers in life-threatening situations, the FCC and OSHA today released their jointly produced "Communications Tower Best Practices Guide." The guide is a result of the long-standing commitment of both agencies to ensuring the safety of tower workers, Chairman Pai and OSHA head Dorothy Dougherty note.

Meruelo’s ‘Heroic’ L.A. TV Deal Aborted

On May 1, in a novel transaction only made possible by the now-concluded FCC Spectrum Auction, a fast-growing Southern California media player — The Meruelo Group — agreed to pay just $10 million for a channel-sharing agreement created as a result of the Spectrum Auction. The seller, Hero Licenseco, pocketed nearly $147 million for giving up the spectrum for KBEH-63 in the L.A. DMA and agreed to spin the agreement. Now, it's abandoning the deal.

Teens: Ads Influence Them, Even When Trust Is Questioned

A new survey of U.S. teenagers suggests that the majority both find ads helpful and enjoy watching promos starring celebrities. What could this mean for your radio or TV station, and their respective online, social, and digital media platforms?

Procrastination Nation? AMC-8 Transition Concerns Still High

With 29 days and counting until AMC-8 dies, there is still much concern among satellite-delivered syndicated radio programming companies that too many radio stations will wait until the last minute to transition to this aging bird's replacement. Here's why you should act now on making the move.

iHeart For Auto Gets A Big Upgrade

"It's been a while, but we're back!" That's the greeting visitors to the iTunes Store will receive when discovering what's new with the free iHeart for Auto app. As of today, a new "engine" and some "bodywork" is complete, and iHeartMedia is promising "a smoother, more stable listening experience and a refreshed look" while it sets the groundwork for "really cool new features" designed for the connected car.

TEGNA To Pay $55K For Ad With False EAS Tones

One of the nation's largest owners of broadcast TV stations has entered into a Consent Decree with the FCC that resolves an investigation into the improper insertion of Emergency Alert System (EAS) tones in a commercial that aired on a NBC affiliate in Florida's First Coast. We've got an RBR+TVBR Observation on the matter, which could have easily been prevented.

Comparable Worries? Smartphone Eclipses TV In Key Demo

Nielsen on Thursday released its top-line findings from its Q4 2016 Comparable Metrics Report, and the overall picture is a rosy one for the TV industry. However, the portrait requires a closer look. There's some significant issues in a key advertiser demo for TV, and we've got an RBR + TVBR Observation on how AMC Networks may be a big giant ostrich in the C-Suite Zoo.
David Field

Why Is Wall Street Picking On Entercom?

With its tax-free, Reverse Morris Trust-fueled merger with CBS Radio on track, one would think Entercom and its leader, David Field, would be the new darlings of Wall Street. As Wells Fargo Securities Senior Analyst Marci Ryvicker notes in RBR+TVBR's Spring 2017 NAB Show Special Report, Field will be the radio industry's "clear leader" following the deal's closing. Why, then, is Zacks Equity Research asking if Entercom is "positioned for a slump?" Perhaps a dividend analysis from Capital Cube can point to the answers.
U.S. Congress

Are ‘Fair Play’ And ‘PROMOTE’ Plans DOA In Congress?

With Capitol Hill set to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend full of cool temperatures and predictions of rain and thunderstorms, forces other than Mother Nature appear to have put a damper on two pieces of legislation that would institute a "tax" on the airplay of recorded music for radio stations across the U.S.

iHeartExtensions: More Time Given For Notes Swaps

On Wednesday, March 15, iHeartCommunications engaged in a somewhat complex series of private offers to its bondholders. Specifically, holders of its “Five Series of Priority Guarantee Notes” and its Senior Notes Due 2021 were called on to turn in those notes, and exchange them for new securities in connection with “a proposed global restructuring of its indebtedness.” How's that going? Less than 1% of the exchange notes have been tendered.
Brian Wieser

How A Huge Jump In TV News Viewing Helps Media Owners

As Pivotal Research Group CFA Brian Wieser sees it, TV news "is important for media owners because of the absolute scale of the genre, its potential for profitability, the political influence that follows from these divisions and because of the significant growth they have recorded in recent periods." In yet another tumultuous and troubling week across D.C. and around the globe, increasingly intense consumer interest led to a surge in viewing. Could this lead to a revenue surge, too?

Here’s The FCC’s Proposed Budget For 2018

Lean. Accountable. More efficient. Those are the key words that pop out of the FCC's fiscal 2018 budget proposal, which the Commission made public today. Indeed, the FCC is prepared to make some significant adjustments to its budget—and personnel. It's decided to use a weed-whacker to do so, as the proposed budget reflects a 5.2% dip from fiscal 2017.

Trump’s Public Media Takedown: Take Two

In a move that comes as no surprise to many, President Trump's proposed fiscal 2018 budget seeks to accomplish what his fiscal 2017 budget failed to do: zero out the funding of noncommercial secular radio and TV stations by the Federal government. As expected, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which distributes these funds to noncomms across the U.S., was vocal in its opposition to the proposal.

Heftel Comes Back To Radio, Via A ‘Highway’

For a generation of broadcasters, the late Cecil Heftel helped bring Top 40 radio some of its earliest success. Later, he helped build some of the nation's top Spanish-language AMs and FMs, including properties in L.A. overseen by his son, Richard Heftel. Now, the Heftel family is coming back to the radio business. We spoke with Heftel on his re-entry into radio, and how a huge bedding retailer is to thank for his rescue of a group of stations long associated with Howard Anderson.

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