Is ATSC 3.0 Late To The Party?

As the neutral party working with both broadcasting companies and wireless services providers, Vertical Bridge, the independently owned tower owner and manager, believes “over the top” delivery of programming — OTT — is the freight train that can’t be stopped for creators, distributors, advertisers and sales execs. That’s why Alex Gellman, CEO and co-Founder of this Palm Beach County, Fla.-based company, is not an individual those excited about the next-generation broadcast TV standard, ATSC 3.0, should have a conversation with.

A Non-Partisan Player In The Spectrum Repack Process

The next 38 months or so will see a metamorphosis of the nation’s communications grid. Some 987 channels will be moving. Wireless carriers are already taking the steps necessary to move forward with their newly gained spectrum. In the first of a two-part RBR+TVBR INFOCUS report, top executives from Vertical Bridge share how they see the company as a neutral player on the flight deck of a major endeavor that's already set sail for the telecommunications industry.

A New Tool For Fully Interactive Multi-Platform TV

Thanks to the rapid ascent of "over-the-top" (OTT) viewing of full-length scripted programming, reality shows, sports, and news programming, TV isn't just that box in the living room anymore. Srini Dharmaji wants every member of the broadcast TV industry's C-Suite to fully understand this. In the RBR+TVBR INFOCUS report, we examine how social and digital platforms are now, more than ever, essential extensions of VHF and UHF stations.
Pile of Money

Here’s The Q2 Tally On Broadcast M&A Dollars

Some very big TV deals were the prime movers behind the quarter’s M&A total, according to Kagan (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence). And a single deal, the fourth-largest TV deal of the century, accounted for 85% of the M&A total. The TV segment contributed $4.22 billion of the total, with $3.82 billion coming from Sinclair Broadcast Group’s successful bid for Tribune Media Co., which it announced May 8.

Norsan Dances The Charleston With This Closing

Norsan Communications and Management, Inc. (“Buyer”) and Thomas B. Daniels and Limited, Inc. (“Seller”) of North Charleston, SC, have closed on the sale of Radio Stations WAZS-AM Summerville, SC, WZJY-AM Mount Pleasant, SC, FM Translator Stations W239AL and W280EX North Charleston, SC, and Television Stations WAZS-LD North Charleston, SC, and WJNI-LD North Charleston, SC.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB States Its Case For Erasing Main Studio Rule

The FCC has received a bounty of comments regarding its proposal to do away with the main studio rule. Leading the way was the NAB, which had this to say ...

A Fresh View On Network Radio’s Client ROI

Now that the second half of 2017 is here, one network radio operation has set its sights on advertiser growth. As Skyview Networks EVP/GM Jeanne-Marie Condo sees it, Q3 and Q4 are looking strong. That's all thanks to a new client perspective on the power of network radio and national ad sales, she tells RBR+TVBR in an exclusive interview.

Carr Talk Buzzes Around The Capital Beltway

Forget Seth Meyers or Stephen Colbert. The late night chatter among politicos and wonks from Gaithersburg to Fredericksburg and across Capitol Hill was all about Brendan Carr. Unless something highly unusual transpires, the current General Counsel of the FCC is all but set to become the next Republican Commissioner.

T-Mobile Steps Up To Fund Noncomm Translator Repack

PBS and America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) are getting financial assistance during the post-incentive auction repack period to translator stations that extend public television signals into hard-to-reach rural areas. No, it's not coming from ongoing pledge drives at many of the nation's noncommercial classical music stations.
SBG / Sinclair Broadcast Group

What’s The Setting For The Sinclair-Tribune Spin Cycle?

Fresh details were revealed Wednesday regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group's blockbuster merger plans with Tribune Media, thanks to the official filing of a flurry of Form 315 applications with the FCC. While the deal could only be made possible with the pending reinstatement of the FCC's "UHF discount," Sinclair revealed that it could divest stations in no less than 10 different markets.

Brendan Carr Gets Trump Nod For FCC Seat

Months of speculation and predictions as to who will take the two open FCC Commissioner seats have come to an anti-climactic end, thanks to President Trump.

Is TEGNA Immune From Stock’s June Swoon?

On May 31, TEGNA shares were trading at or near $23.75. One day later, they tumbled to $15.30 ... and haven't recovered since. Should investors be concerned? No, they shouldn't. Zacks Equity Research explains why they believe there's no trouble on the way for the company formerly known as Gannett.

Music and Radio: Chief Reasons For Home Smart Speakers

"Hey, broadcast radio executives. Get on Alexa and Google Home access today!" That could be one of the key messages from an hour-long webinar on home smart speaker usage presented Wednesday by NPR and Edison Research.

Can Your Stations Conquer Personal Care Communication?

Consumers of personal care businesses ranging from fitness clubs, salons, massage clinics, spas, beauty products and nutritionals prefer TV and direct mail over other media. That bit of sour news for the radio industry C-Suite comes courtesy of a new public opinion poll conceived and commissioned by LAVIDGE and Mosaic Multicultural. Here's some words of wisdom from our Editor-in-Chief to the radio industry C-Suites: Don't be defeated, as this is a great opportunity for you to prove these consumers wrong.

Does Traditional Media Have A ‘Gut Advantage’?

Gordon Borrell thinks so. The noted local media industry analyst has released another "Chart of the Week" tied to Borrell Associates' 2017 Local Advertiser Survey, and it suggests that nearly 2,300 local advertisers go with their gut when it comes to making radio a part of their media mix.

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