Pandora Gets A ‘Sirius’ Investment

In a Friday morning announcement, Pandora confirmed that it has secured an agreement from SiriusXM to make a $480 million investment in the company and announced the sale of its Ticketfly division to Eventbrite for $200 million — significantly less than what Pandora purchased it for less than two years ago.
U.S. Congress

‘Fair Play’ Legislation Gains Steam In D.C.

As of late May, little was heard on House legislation that would essentially tax any radio station that plays music. Now, 15 politicians — including a rising star in the Democratic party — have signed on as co-sponsors. They see the bill as a way to "reform music licensing for sound recordings in a logical, comprehensive way and close current corporate radio loopholes."

Will Marketers Embrace ‘Attention Ratings’?

A digital metrics firm known for "measuring eyes on screen attention to every second of programming and advertising on television" has unveiled what it is calling "the first metric that measures creative breakthrough while normalizing for attention to surrounding commercial and program content." Is Madison Avenue ready to respond?

Remembering Jack Trout: The Pioneer of Positioning

The iconic marketer died Sunday in Greenwich, Conn., at the age of 82. Trout worked for nearly three decades with business partner Al Reis, and did much to establish the concept of positioning as integral to marketing a product. Without Trout & Reis, perhaps the radio industry would look, and act, a bit differently today, RBR + TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson notes in this remembrance of Trout.

Wall Street Takes Notice Of AI Analytics Player Veritone

Publicly traded Veritone Inc. has greatly increased its visibility and brand awareness in the U.S. radio broadcasting industry over the last several months. Now, the provider of artificial intelligence analytics and cognitive solutions is being covered by no less than three financial analysts. All of them are high on the company's stock, which trades on Nasdaq.

What’s The Best Local Marketing Channel Today?

Borrell Associates' annual survey of local advertisers — the largest in the U.S. — is under way for 2017. "We're already seeing notable trends," CEO Gordon Borrell notes. This explains why his company has inaugurated a Chart of the Week series set to run through mid-August. The first chart he's released reviews what the "most effective local marketing channels" are for more than 1,250 local advertisers. Radio industry executives may not be pleased with the findings. In contrast, TV industry C-Suiters should be very happy.

Moody’s Affirms What We Know About TV’s Revenue Plan

A newly released study from Moody's Investors Service has made official what most broadcast TV industry professionals are well aware of: The outlook for the industry remains stable. But, that's not thanks to advertiser demand. It's all thanks to the surge in retransmission fees—a trend the American Cable Association (ACA), a slew of MVPDs and DirecTV and DISH Network are hardly pleased about.

Radio: A Powerful Ad Medium, Across The Globe

"Although newer advertising platforms such as internet and other digital media are gaining traction in the advertising market, radio still represents a powerful advertising medium." That's the key selling point of a new global study that took a deep worldwide look at what was in 2016 a $32.5 billion medium for advertising, and presently boasts a compound annual growth rate of 2.2%.

Should The Radio Industry’s C-Suite Praise The HomePod?

If you thought the smart home gadgetry such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home speak-and-do devices were just a fad, think again. Apple just crashed the party with today's introduction of the HomePod. Should radio industry C-Suite executives be rejoicing over the news? News organzations far and wide are spreading the news like wildfire across the internet. CNet perhaps says it best, with its headline sharing the fact that the new HomePod smart speaker brings Siri home. It also makes Siri, like Alexa, a potentially vital friend for radio stations across the U.S.

How Many Of Your Ads Get Blocked? Um, Right …

Here's a question that every radio and TV sales professional should ask not only potential clients, but also those who have used traditional media — a.k.a. "old media" — for years. You may get a blank stare, or a giggle. But, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson believes it's an important question that illustrates a point the TVB and RAB may want to elucidate on: About 20% of connected adults always use an ad blocker, new research finds.

Road Trip II: Pai’s Upper Midwest Tour

If you're wondering where FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will be next week, don't look to the Portals or anywhere around the National Capital Region. That's because he'll be on the road, driving across five states in a 1,100-mile tour devoted to rural broadband concerns that will conclude with an address at the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Convention.

Is TV Advertising Still Effective? This Study Says Yes

A just-released White Paper from Neustar, an information services provider known for its "connection science" solutions that's being purchased for $2.9 billion by Golden Gate Capital, confirms what many a TV executive has been spouting for years: Television is still the most effective way to advertise.

Administrative Stay On FCC’s ‘UHF Discount’ Arrives From Court

A federal appeals court late Thursday declined to grant an FCC request that would have avoided a stay of its vote that reinstated the "UHF discount." But, it's only an administrative stay—giving the court a bit more time to look at arguments for and against eased restrictions on station ownership.
Univision Communications, Inc.

Univision Unites With Nexstar, Sinclair For Next-Gen TV Consortium

On March 15, two of the broadcast television industry’s biggest players formed a consortium designed to promote spectrum aggregation, innovation and monetization while enhancing their abilities to compete in the wireless data transmission sector. Now, one of the nation's biggest Hispanic media companies has joined the consortium.

Why You Should Get To Know Missouri Rep. Billy Long

"We have different members that are going to lead on different issues," Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications & Technology, said in an interview with C-SPAN conducted before the Memorial Day holiday. "Billy Long is leading the work on media ownership." Who's he? He just may be radio's biggest fan on Capitol Hill, this RBR+TVBR INFOCUS report uncovers.

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