What Krispy Kreme Can Do For Radio Ads

This doughnut vendor has a brilliant ad out. Sadly, they forgot about the awesome power radio has to make it better

Jingle Sell? Why Brands May Ring Up Radio In ’17

The nation's leading owner of AMs and FMs shifted on Dec. 26 from the Jingle Ball to "Jingle Day" -- a big deal for brands

No Fakery In Radio, TV Spots

Ad-fraud detection firm White Ops says a "bot" from Russia has been ripping off digital advertisers to the tune of more than $3M per day

A Mobile Interactive Money-Maker For Radio

Jonathan Lacoste has one clear vision for his Boston-based company's signature calling card: a mobile interactive content platform

Retailers are Making the Big Push for the Holidays

In last week’s Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report, GEICO remains #1 with 49,132 spots

Auto Dealer Associations Rise to the Top Once Again

In last week’s Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report, the Chevrolet Dealer Association zoomed to #1

This Credit Card Is In First Place

In last week’s Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten report, MasterCard jumped to #1

Why Media Advertising Increases Marketing ROI

A new study finds that shifting just 10% of promotion spending to media advertising will increase marketing ROI by 10%-25%.

Who’s The Chief Judge For The Radio Mercury Awards?

The founder and Creative Director at a Chicago-based boutique agency has been selected to serve as the 2017 Chief Judge

The First Full-Market Programmatic Deal Is Here

The first-ever order is seen for full schedule, forward reserve inventory for programmatic TV advertising, with Carat.

Ford Making a Push On Spots

In the latest Media Monitors TV Spot Ten, Geico tops the list at 19,633 spots

GEICO Stands On Top At Cable

Last week’s Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten reports GEICO is again the top cable advertiser. No. 2 Walmart edges out No. 3 Xfinity.

How Digital Ad Delivery Can Bring More Dollars

Here's technology for radio and TV stations that can track the effectiveness of a small and mid-sized business' digitally distributed

Nielsen: Total Commitment To Total Audience

December 8 was Nielsen 2016 Analyst Day for the global audience measurement giant, and the company put on a highly polished

Another Digital Don’t For Your Clients: Banner Ads

RBR + TVBR Editor-In-Chief Adam R Jacobson can't understand why banner ads are still a thing, since they provide no ROI

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