Broadcast stocks on the down side of flat

By on Oct, 2 2014 with Comments 0

According to reports, the stock market had a plunge and a surge on the way to an essentially flat day, and broadcasters as a group apparently got off the roller coaster just before it got back to its starting point. As for today’s big radio swappers, one was up and one was down.

The RBR Radio Index fell 2.575, or 0.4%, to 707.240.

The TVBR Television Index fell 1.081, or 0.2%, to 720.320.

Saga, up 2.3%
Gray, up 1.6%
Beasley, up 1.5%

Cumulus, down 6.5%
Sinclair, down 3.1%
SBS, down 2.0%














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