Account Executive


Columbus, OH – WMNO-TV is the Heroes and Icons affiliate for the Columbus, Ohio DMA. Originally based in Marion we recently added an additional transmitter that expands our reach into the heart of Columbus. We are looking for an Account Executive to sell commercial time to advertisers in our new coverage area.

You will prospect new local and agency customers for our Heroes and Icons format and website. You will be responsible for working with customers to create sponsorships and promotions to grow their businesses. You will be instrumental in helping customers create their video and website ads. You will need to travel daily to meet with local customers and occasionally regionally to meet with agency customers. You will be responsible for providing your own transportation. There may be opportunities to do some on-air work if desired. It will be your responsibility to make sure that your customers’ needs are met and ensuring their continued satisfaction with our products.
Good verbal and written communication skills are essential. You must be organized, a self-starter and able to work without direct supervision. You will need to be able to handle rejection and be willing to make cold calls both in person and by phone. Knowledge of the broadcast television business is helpful but not required. Experience creating proposals using Microsoft Office tools is essential. You must be able to manage your time effectively. We have two office locations that you may use but will be able to work from home a great deal. You should be proficient at conducting web searches to gather research about your customers, their needs and competition.

We will work with you to tailor a compensation package to meet your needs and lifestyle. We will work together to create a realistic revenue budget, set goals and bonus targets. In addition to sales materials we have locally, you will have access to network provided sales materials. We will provide training tools to help you grow your sales skillsets.

Send your resume and contact information to [email protected]